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New seasona pol. round-up. Cape Independents/Field Leaders will drive new faces from Ferreira to Fisher to Football

Cape will impact Primary fights from Gov. Council to Gov. race/Football too!

Cape Cod will have a major impacts on both Democratic and Republican Primaries and on the High School Football Scene.  D-Y/Barnstable will be decided on the field with many new faces on both squads.   The State Rep. Race for Cleon Turners seat will decide who faces Tim Whalen.  Unfortunately the Cape Daily has made it the race between two gay guys and the woman.  When a paper feels it has to say a Candidate is Gay and then say and the other is Gay also, then the issues get lost in adjectives.  That will make it tough for the eventual winner to face Tim who has run a positive , clean fight.  Unlike the race for my State Rep. that has been all gutter.  

   The Governors Council race is all about credentials and Joe Ferreira wins that hands down!  The other two candidates have committed unbelievable mis-information for this office.  Fisher will not lose by 60.  It will all be decided in the Field!




Sorry Charlie's shelf life on talking about Leadership in DCF, RMV,  PATRONAGE/NEPOTISM/CRONYISM is about to expire. The CONVENTIONAL wisdom (The word Convention makes GOP nauseous these days.)  It looks like even the Agenda Media are about to awake from their summertime nap and report on several stories that will make those nauseous loyalist do their best retreat.  The "...wisdom" is that the media had been waiting for the primary season to end and jump in with an October surprise.  However, in this day and age waiting an hour or a day is like months of campaign seasons past.  Coakley and Demcrat loyalist do not want to wait for Charlie to whistle by grave while he hits on Leadership issues.  Some Democrats were hoping Alfred E. Neuman , I mean Steve Grossman would fire, and make primary close.  That is not happening and those anti-Coakley people (and their are alot in the Dem Camp) are not going to change teams three and four times.  Coakley Camp knows she has to go after Baker, and the Media has been released to do it!  Baker is not only Baked he is cooked like John Cook -ed !  John Cook a GOP fundraiser has been getting paid by both the GOP, according to several sources,  and the Campaign and Mark Fisher will not have a hard time pointing it out!


Mark Fisher may be able to parlay the GOP Convention Collusion into a business as usual upset of Cantor proportions !  He could get the Talley Sheets, Settlement, Judgement and publicity from the SEC Pay to Play stuff in N.J. as well as the Cook Campaign Finance Questions all at once!  This will all be coming to a head soon, and Fisher will be one smiling cat.  A Fisher Cat Campaign will help out a lot of people.

McCormick /Post to Campaign Tour All Over Cape on Saturday July 19th

Stay tuned for an agressive campaign all over the Cape including Cape League Games!  

Sports and Politics the best games in town

"Jeff for Jobs" McCormick lands Post, puts Cape on "Jobs Map" !


The exciting buzz of an announcement on WXTK's "Ed Lambert Show" propelled throughout the day and through the weekend!  Jeff McCormick announcement on the popular Cape show, created a media race on who would get the news!  The local daily, Cape Cod Today,  and the Thursday weekly in Yarmouth raced to put  different information out about the story!  It was more like a sibling rivalry, than a step over you to get the story but still it drove the interest to get a better angle, on the story!  Of course, Inside Ball had the inside skinny but was happy for the interest to build and for all to do their jobs, as best they can!  They all did their own things.  The daily, had a reporter on scene, at the route 28 Diner and also,  announced on line at 6:18 am.  Matt Pitta led with the story at 6 am when they found out others would be releasing shortly!  The Yarmouth Register had a reporter away,  and the Thursday Weekly, was put to bed much earlier, so that they had to get good video, for their on line edition.  They did get good video!  Even the rough around the edges campaign trackers were present!  We always get a kick out of them!  I have worked some dirty jobs in my life but I always need a shower just looking at these guys.  I have met a couple good ones over the campaigns, who are doing a job, that I wouldn't do, so I let them do it!  I think they actually have an opposite effect, as most people, are more careful, than if they video themselves and place on line, in public.  Campaigns really have to screw up for it to be effective, and good campaigns do not screw up!  Sometimes, like in this situation, it is simply complimentary!   If a campaign was not relevant, there would be nothing to track.  For Jeff McCormick who has not been in the race very long and for Tracy only being in the race for few minutes, and a couple seconds, it shows there is a real concern, that  people are going to really like, this campaign, when they find out more about them!  This build up,  and sincere excitement of friends , despite being caught a little off guard,  was palpable, the whole weekend! 


    There were a lot of smiles of that off guard surprise even among Tracy's closest friends!  Many opinions of pride, were coupled with the mere excitement at the prospect of their Yarmouth Selectman, going to bat for them up on Beacon Hill.  People like Judy Provencher, said "...proud yes but not surprised"!  That was the feeling all weekend from many.  Many know that Selectman are on the front lines,  and that Tracy brings a lot to the table as a civic leader, a mother, a wife of a 20 plus year Active Duty Soldier!  Tracy  held down the home front,  family fort, during her husband Steve's active duty time, and still does as they negotiate both of their civilian jobs.   This delicate balancing act, that we all admire in such great  mothers, adds to that sense of competence of Tracy doing a good job.  The only hint of surprise to any of those who have worked with Tracy, befriended or interacted in both civic and personal life was that, she was the person, you knew was quite happy just being Tracy Post from Yarmouth, Cape Cod!  Tracy explained it in her speech, in her comments to the media,  and in the video,  the campaign put on the website and on you tube!  If view it on, you will notice the surprise and excitement is like a good friend getting a surprise engagement, or seeing them receive a well deserved home-make over,  because of their good deeds! 


The McCormick/Post campaign must have loved the reaction of Deb Clark of the Yarmouth Recreation Commission, and a "Soul Sister" of Tracy Post!  A candid reaction from a nice lady who has lived life, and was beaming (and probably still is)  at her "Honest" friend going off to campaign,  for solutions, not only  for her local community but beyond!  The best Consultants, Actors, and Directors  can not produce such sincerity from central casting, and even among good friends of candidates they can not produce the candor of the on spot reaction and fresh ebullience that was displayed in the you tube/website video "Jeff McCormick announces Tracy Post as LG pick"! 

Long Awaited Cape Golden Sunshine, for Long Awaited Sunlight under the  Golden Dome!

The video encapsulates the whole day excitement and a Cape experience, as the sunrises on the Sagamore Bridge.    Jeff McCormick drives on Cape while speaking about his unique pick.  People spoke all weekend  about the great optics of the setting around Cape Cod.  Even the least political observers recognized the serene  messages,  sent by the quaint diner named after Route 28!  Even off Cape Commonwealth Voters recognize, Route 28 and the old style diner with the flag waving, as Jeff held the door for Tracy! It harkens to a time, and attitude that can still exist with technology and this is the pair to prove it!  The timing,  the inside video of Ed Lambert's studio,  and the substance of both their comments on air and in the announcement, gave a lot of Ed's loyal listeners, not only a glimpse of what they envision as they tune in religiously to hear (weekdays 7-10) am or earlier( 6-7 am) for Matt and Jim on "Cape Cod This Morning"!  It is Morning in Massachusetts and the Sunlight of leadership, oh so missed, after our long winter of discontent in state government has a team with a sunrise vision!

   McCormick/Post - Cape Cod Campaign Train rolls,  as rivals are handcuffed to the tracks!

  Signatures on nomination sheets flowed in by the hundreds in the few short hours after the announcement!   Rarely, are comments overwhelmingly so positive!  When their are dozens of candidates remaining, usually people representing the opponent(s) side, have a little snide comment!  I do not know if it is because of the clear optimism of Jeff and Tracy, or their individual perspective and competence!  I am not sure if it is the lack of enthusiasm of the other candidates, or the realization that something has to change!  It seems that everyone especially here on Cape are shedding their leanings for some common sense or at least some common courtesy for this campaign!  To a person, I heard from numerous sources:  "It is about time" or "I am an Independent too"!  I heard it from people that last I checked, were card carrying members of other parties.  It also could be that the other candidates are not garnering that excitement,  are stagnant or more unknown and are not inspiring the interest, to find out more about them,  like this Jeff McCormick campaign, is creating!  It could be that the supporters of other candidates do not want to wait for the other shoe to drop!   Investigations, court dates,  rulings and plain ol' business as usual,  accentuate the clear message this campaign is addressing!  Their issues to change the culture,  inspire change in government with innovation and technology while address the issue everyone has been speaking out for sometime, JOBS!    It is clear to the regular folks, that a whole range of issues, can be solved with JOBS and vibrant economic opportunity ! 


Townspeople are not only identifying with the campaign theme but focusing on embracing it!  People of all walks of life are standing up, for the people who are taking the chance on them.  Tracy and Jeff, are no strangers to risk.  They have taken risks with their families for a better life, previously and have been blessed enough to appreciate how to give back.  They both understand what is important and both have been successful.  They both have been raised correctly about hard work, and giving back.  Jeff describes his humble start as not ever being poor, but "optimally hungry"!  Jeff despite his major economic success, has not forgotten the skill set that was imperative to that success!  They both are successful because they think outside the box, and believe anything is possible!  They have in many mentoring roles, lead by example, by having a positive attitude!  I laugh at the prospect at anyone calling these two people spoilers, and they probably will too or at least smile from within! 


They are not cockeyed optimist, they are pragmatic results orientated problem solvers.  They do not wait around for someone to come along and discourage them.  They just get things done!  So as Jeff was driving down from his home in Boston,  over the bridge at Sunrise ,  I wonder if he was thinking what Tracy's husband I were thinking  in 1988 in Korea (The land of the Morning Calm) as we served in the U.S. Army.,  in separate units,  years from meeting each other! I wonder if Jeff was thinking: "Tracy and I,  will do more before 9 am then most do the rest of the day"!  It is clear that the other candidates, and many Bacon Hill Pols, have not served, created or taken risk at any time of the day or in the combination of their opponents entire lives!  The future looks quite bright for the shining city, on a hill!  The sun shines bright, on this management team!  That dome may shine again, with optimism of all things being possible.  Jeff McCormick, quotes Nelson Mandela on this subject: "It is impossible, until it is done"!  These two can get it done, and I can think of two other presumed leaders who are done, because they can't !  They can't tell time!  It's about time for a change," For a Change"!  The campaign caravan traveled up to the street where the light shined from the Old North Church!  The Golden Dome not far away, and the current  Dolce Vita oh Hanover Street, where the Candidates met, stood even closer to the Old State House!, and equidistant from the Green Dragon and earlier public meeting houses and eating establishments of yore.   The ideals and vision from history,  not far from where great leaders met, and where these two great leaders met to start their ride into history, were very similar!   It was not long for those great leadership 1775 until their historic Independence Day in history, and close to the same time forward for McCormick/Post's  Historic Independent's Day battle in November !  Governor, I declare it is a nice view and a great vision!  Revolutionary, my friends, REVOLUTIONARY!  The fields of battle change, and the strategy different in some ways, but the campaigns are much similar.  Like the sports, military, and political analogies, and references point out, the competition and opponents make a difference, by their heart.  Deb Clark spoke of Tracy's heart with such candor it has to make a difference.  It makes a difference back in the day, and it does now!  That conscience matters in war, in sports and in politics. revolutionary my friends, REVOLUTIONARY!

  Sports and Politics-The Best Games in Town!

New Season: WXTK's Lambert hints at BIG "ANNOUNCEMENT"


  As a new season begins in a lot of different ways,  Ed Lambert of WXTK hinted on Tuesday to listen to his show on 95.1 FM right from the beginning at 7am on Thursday!  Now,  Ed very rarely teases his audience , even with a major contest! By the reaction of Newsman and jack of all things Quantum Communications , Matt Pitta, this seems like inside Ed, and pretty major!   As his producer, Jim Kane says, this is an appointment for "appointment radio"!  As many longtime listeners know,  Ed likes to bring people in to the studio for interviews,  to prevent the frustrating dropped calls in the middle of important interviews. 

The fact that Jim Kane, kinda knew something was up, indicates that this may be the case here.  Jim Kane , as Ed describes him,  is his Air Traffic Controller, so Jim may know something is coming in , but he may not know exactly what is landing!  Ed seems very excited!  Ed likes to stay relevant and timely, so I would say this  definitely has something to do with the South Coast and the Cape/Islands.  Maybe, Ed has found the perfect engineers for three or four "Graphine" bridges to be built by Memorial Day!  Maybe he is bringing in the foremost authorities on "Graphine Solutions"!  Who knows with Ed, but we are sure,  a lot of people will be listening!  We shall see,  or hear,  as is the case , shortly!


There are many new seasons upon us, baseball, hockey and hoop play-offs, and dare I say it,  a new weather season!  There are Spring High School Sports Seasons anew , or at least catching up!  Then of course , the political season will really be getting under way!  The Marathon decorum, and the race itself came off perfectly.  I am not sure if all the warm wishes for the Marathon influenced the weather, or vice versa but it was nice to see on both counts.

Coakley and Baker not feeling the warmth, but the HEAT!

Attorney General Martha Coakley, starting the new season with a major hit, and not the Big Papi kind of hit.  (He plays for the Red Sox if you don't know Martha)!  Seems the Federal Election Committee (FEC) and the Office of Political and Campaign Finance (OPCF) has forced an agreement based on "Fiscal Disarray" in both her State and Federal campaigns.  What is worse,  it was her sister at the helm of both!  She is forced by this action to admit Tens of Thousands of Dollars applied to the wrong accounts!  Fiscal disarray can rarely be down graded to a book keeping error, especially when it includes such significant amounts and when it involves,  not only the Chief State Law Enforcement Officer-who also is the lead in regard to Campaign Finance in Massachusetts but a close family relative.  (This makes not going to Fenway or ignoring an assault on a reporter, asking you a question,  in D.C. right in front of you, again as AG,  a simple misstep by comparison,  and emphasizes a lot more than a book keeping error)!    She not only gets the call on such issues that are exactly like this in regard to finance,   (See former  D-State Rep.  Brian Wallace of South Boston who was forced close to,  or into personal bankruptcy for a much smaller book keeping error), she also got the call on Charlie Baker Convention Controversy and the Dan Wolf-D of Harwich conflict of interest!  Now there is confusion on who was behind the Wolf controversy or the lead, Coakley or Grossman but there are a number of Democrats who want neither of them to catch steam because of their hypocrisy on such issues. 

The likability of all three of the current leaders are starting the new seasons with major internal problems, in their campaigns and in their party.  Baker and Coakley will start off with judgments that question their leadership, their ability to question transparency,  both fiscal and campaign disarray,  patronage/nepotism and for both of them ability not to implode!  Oh and for people of the South Shore, the South Coast, Cape and the Islands, Martha didn't even allocate her punishment money to any charity in any of your regions.  Alienating voting blocks in good weather not a good campaign formula and we know how you do when it is cold out!


"Jeff for Jobs" McCormick for Governor is getting the attention that the others are avoiding because his is ALL positive.  The inspiration that he feels as he steps out his door, and into his neighborhood on Beacon Street,   not far from the Marathon finish and Firehouse (15/33) on Boylston Street, has been palpable,  I am sure.  Living in the triangle between those two historic places and the  fire up the street, that took two of Boston's Heroes, is now hallowed ground!   We all became their neighbors this last year, but Jeff and his family get to see and feel it daily.  Training for another Marathon, (5 Boston's)  while gearing up for a Governor's race, brings a lot of inspiration and motivation.  Both races need momentum,  bell weathers,  fortitude, preparation, and guts.  Running positively in both, on your own merit is honorable.  I am sure staying positive,  in the Governors race, difficult as the competitors are just plain different!  Jeff has been  calling on his opponents to participate on the same course !  Jeff called for a TV forum on jobs, and a discussion on economic opportunity. (Looks like they know Jeff owns the Jobs issue,  and Independents feel like one of their own is representing them finally!   The above problems especially for Baker and Coakley already have people looking at Jeff.  Jeff has touted using technology to change government and by a comparison of all of the candidates websites Jeff McCormick is setting a course record,  as having the best one. The website: is, in the short time the campaign has been rolling, clearly the best!  By comparison it blows away the campaigns that have been organized for years!   Baker's site has not functioned once for me on a dozen of attempts over weeks and Coakleys seems only to want your money. (I wonder if they know what campaign account is being credited).   The others are not much better,  but for some,  they have to focus on their convention energies.  The question about Mark Fisher and his suit against the GOP begs the question that the other Dems. have to consider: "Are the Conventions good for the election process or not"?  Jeff McCormick is "Defying Conventions" in many ways.  In Politics and Marathons , momentum and energy get you to the finish line!  There always seems to be strategy, competition, and those who fall down.  Some get up, some people keep falling, and some try to cheat or ruin the fun for us all!  This year the Marathon had only one candidate in the marathon, (Jeff completed his Sixth Boston Marathon) and no Rosie Ruiz cheaters!  The Marathon had people who overcame obstacles, think outside of the box and remained positive through adversity.  Jeff McCormick has not only been inspired by those neighbors, he has lived by that philosophy and has been highly successful.  Jeff clearly, wants to help all of our  neighbors in the Commonwealth.  He wants to give back because of the hallowed ground on his street and his neighborhood but has shown he can translate it to our streets and our neighborhoods.   This election the history will be made by those who thrive on that Independent Marathon Spirit of Massachusetts from that first Patriot's Day to the past one,  on Marathon Monday!  His neighborhood and our neighborhoods are Boston Strong!  Boston Strong in Sports and Politics-The Best Games in Town is our history!

Jeff "For Jobs for Gov." McCormick rumored to be considering well known Cape Codder for Runningmate


  Well it has been awhile for both "Sports and Politics"!  Many predictions including long-shots about "defeat being temporary" have come true in both disciplines!  As hope springs eternal, "INSIDE BALL" hopes we are as a welcome sign of a hopeful season, as that big orange thing in the sky, a Red Sox Win against the Yankees,  a Boston Strong Patriots Day and a successful Bruins Stanley Cup Playoff run!  My standard response to any absence is:  How can you miss me , if I don't go away!   Well, Mr. Sun, boy have we missed you, don't be a stranger! 


    Election season locally, and statewide brings excitement for the likes of me!  State Representative , Selectman, and Constitutional Office races are gearing up!  The sunshine of the election process,  is a cleansing that I anticipate like shaking out the floor mats.  Sometimes it is all too familiar!  Looks like the controversies are not going to be packing it in!  They seem even more stubborn than the prolonged cold, snow , and winter ice! 


It looks like the Mass. GOP Convention Controversy will have legs longer than the extended entrants (some 9,000 more upwards of 36,00 total) in the Boston Strong BAA Marathon !  The appropriate decorum over the next few weeks would have been enough to quiet a regular controversy but this one looks like it will be around,  well beyond Patriots Day,  so I will pause over the next few weeks on the Political Inside Ball to focus on the Marathon and the Sports Spring Athletics!

In that vein the buzz from the Governor's race during that period will also be positive on top of the negative Convention stuff of both these GOP and the Democratic rights of passage, or for some,  no rights of passage! (See Defranco or Fisher in both conventions). 

McCormick Defying Conventions

After a mere few weeks of campaigning,  the Independent Campaign of Jeff McCormick has create a buzz by registering consistent numbers, and double digits in some demographics while Baker and Coakley  are having trouble breaking past certain barriers.  (Looks like both are well past their peak and the alternative candidate seeking has begun with the Electorate). The convention stuff may bump  Baker to a more than 30% deficit (not too hard with his current 29%,  plus margin of error, he could already be there)  by the time the next poll comes around he could be in low double digits or switched out as the unelectable candidate.   The convention court case may really put a blow in an already low energy campaign/candidacy.  Jeff for Jobs message is resonating to the surprise of very few of us,  who have been telling any of those politicians who listen, this is "The" issue!    The problem is we can not identify,  any that will listen.  We have been threatening for awhile that we are going to  demand a fresh, change!  We have been saying: "Give us a candidate who will create jobs, change the culture, bring innovation, and bring 21st Century Technology to government"!  Unfortunately the insiders have fought us off, with stagnant, status quo,  lack of vision,  flawed, candidates,  at best.   People are now realizing that Independents are well over Two Million strong , leaving even the Democrats at less than 1.5 Million and the Republicans with well less than 480 k and falling fast!   The new part of this,  is that over a very short time,  in scale of our historic State Governors races, more than One Million of the around Three Million Voters have said no to the other parties recently!  Nearly 89% with growing discontent have chosen not to join the Republican Party, and some famous party leaders have left the Commonwealth for N.H.  Those Million who left the party are significant when this years Governors race will probably have around only Two Million Voters total!  When die hard, party members are polling for other candidates in consistent numbers because the presumed front runners are stale, it bodes well for those Two Million plus Independent Voters, to have their own candidate.  This is well more a Half a Million in one of the parties and more than One and Half Million more than the other party,

    Enter Jeff McCormick, in even a shorter time, has already gone from an idea for an alternative,  to a refreshing solution!  (Even the Baker Clan has realized the tired and old spoiler excuse was giving Jeff attention while the poll numbers showing them, that they have to reinvent themselves).   Both parties realize insulting the Independents,  that they desperately need and are not getting,  according to this newest poll, is a losing formula) .  More than five polls,  has left the titular head of the MA-GOP not only crown-less in the Crony Coronation Convention but moving more towards a nominal head,  trending to an inflection point,  that may make him even less than the spoiler, but an also ran footnote,  before the summer lull! Really, you do not have to reinvent yourself if you are already good.  If you are trying to tell people you are already good and solid then why do you have to convince us you are a regular guy and not a silver spoon second generation bureaucrat?

McCormick rumored to tap local leader from one of  three or four key regions

Jeff McCormick,  is focusing his campaign on revitalizing gateway communities, so it only make sense that he chooses a Lt. Governor running-mate (Independents have to place that name on signature sheets before collecting signatures ), that comes from a region that has seen less job growth.  Although some of these areas are old manufacturing regions, that Jeff has been saying  he has a "vision to bring jobs, and technology with 21st Century Industry" to blighted communities.  He has spoken about bringing a fresh, innovative approach, to change the culture, and he is the candidate with the experience to think outside the box!    We Cape Codder's know, that there is a great  need to use our attractiveness,  to entice educational and health care research, veterans and  young entrepreneurs!  We know that the tired old thinking has run it's course, and that the old way of thinking doesn't even work for the old timers.  Voters of every age understand this is unsustainable, and the time has come to vote for good candidates,  not bad parties that got us all in this stalemate , statewide, locally and nationally.  This election is not going to be about DINO's(D) and RINO's (R)but I knows-(I)'s(D)'s and (R)"s.  Voters that say " (I ) Know " the issue is JOBS. "I know" my vote is mine and belongs to no party.  "I know" that if you insult me one more time, or give me bad candidates I will make you history and make history by voting for an Independent.  "Don't tell us it can not be done"!  All of this makes Inside Ball think that the rumors that it is  a Cape Codder  in the running! This would probably include,  someone from the Worcester and Springfield area, and maybe someone from the North of Boston, in the discussion! Not matter which region Jeff McCormick chooses,  the prospect of revitalizing gateways is a great start for Jeff.   I am rooting for an exciting Cape Cod Leader.  We have a few who get it, and Lord knows we need a Cape Cod Strong Voice in State Government!  Hope springs eternal until the next INSIDE BALL-THE BEST GAMES IN TOWN! 

Good Year for 2012 Predictions and 2013 Great Scott - Better!


This is the one we have to start out with because it has the most impact on next year in all kinds of ways.  It goes to sports and politics .  It is the reason why we spend the time making predictions .  Heck , it maybe the reason many of us get out of bed in the morning.  It wasn't over when the Red Sox didn't win in 86 years,  or when Doug Flutie took the snap in the "Hail Mary" game.  The reasons and not the excuses coupled with hope are why we enjoy both of these games so much.  It is the reason my mother treked over to Fenway every opening day and then found a way for her boy's to get to games and be involved in sports.  It is the very reason that Scott Brown won in 2010 in the first place. 

The reason he ran in the first place.  It is the can do spirit that we learn through sports and is the absence thereof that is the cause  of  alot of our problems in this country , in this state and more specifically on Cape Cod!  The past simply stated does not equal the future!    There are different dynamics, there are perfect storms, and then there are regular storms.   The Presidential election cycle dynamics and the local politics created that for the New Jr. soon to be Sr. U.S. Senator.  (See no name calling, no need).  You always have to do your talking on the court,  or on the field.  In this case in the field.   The worst thing that happened that did not happen in the Martha Coakley race is the Presidential race was perceived to be closer than it was in reality.  (Not by me,  from way back see Presidential predictions).  This brought money to the Boston -NH markets and it got the low information voters and the No information voters out.  (That is my line, despite Howie Carr pulling a Joe Biden on me).   That is just fact , and my prediction was right in line with that if you read between the lines. 

I said Scott Brown wins if it is anything between 2.2 Million (2010 turnout) and 2.7 Million which accounts for the extra votes Scott had earned being a hard working Senator.  (I say the hardest ever.)  I mentioned the extra 900,000 voters that had to stay home because of  lack of interest in either Obama or Romney.  That Presidential year election dynamics is a stark fact that I knew but could not hope against it.    The ball went through Buckners legs everything else does not matter,  no what the sports pundits or the political ones say.   Brown lost but the special election to come with someone less well known than Coakley will be a Bucky Dent reality for Markey.  Prediction:  Capuano will be more angry than after Coakley loss and that will divide party.  Scott Brown will wait awhile until whoever is in or out on Dem. side to enter.  He will decide for the same reason my Mother went to Fenway each year. 

You have to keep on plugging, and as long you are doing the right thing,  then defeat is always Temporary.   Scott will not go in the Prevent Defense.  He may go on the four corner offense,  and that will result in a bigger raw vote win for him and the people of Massachusetts especially Independents of which my Mother always was one.   Brown wins by 200, 000 votes with 2.5 Million Special Election Votes!  Markey will stay in Congress and his District will vote for Brown even the Dems.  He has a better chance of  being Speaker of the House, and for the people of  his District they get double power in D.C.  instead of  two rookies in two seats.  Brown will pick back up where he left off especially helping Veterans that will help all of us Veterans on the South Shore and the Cape which is more than anywhere in the Country. 

Oh and for the Cartoon Character Joe Quigley, who does not understand about sports,  Scott Brown played for Tufts University not the New York Yankees.  He was a hard working 2,000 point scorer in both High School and college (Wakefield Mass.  not Oklahoma) and is not a Lebron James Premadonna.   He is a bootstrap guy ,  who picks himself up, works hard, dust himself off, and plugs away and that is why Millions in Mass. still like him and want him to succeed and he will.  I know Joe Q. you don't understand sports but maybe you should read more Inside Ball.   You see it is why programs like Sheas No Limit Basketball will be embraced by both Democrats and Republicans on Cape to help solve the problems we are seeing with youth.  It is the reason that we never see the Massacre shooters as the kid who started on the boys'  youth league team.  They are loners, in their basement playing Call of Duty.   The athletes learn discipline or as in the Sheas No limit Youth Basketball League the kids give back to the community.  They are invested  in the Community.  They give back like those Veterans including Scott Brown who understand service.  They understand hard work,  and their Call of Duty is not on the computer but in their picking themselves up one more time than they fall down. 

Local and National Politics

    Results:  We predicted early in the spring, before anyone even mentioned him, "No Rubio on the ticket than four more years."  Prediction:  Rubio will be in 2016 talks, again and  for next four years but by that time Senator Scott Brown will be back in talk again! 

    Results:  Demitrius Atsalis will have challenger and lose in close one. 

This was long before I had ever even heard of  Brian Mannal and the prediction included Yarmouth being pivotal in race.  Also, in Yarmouth News- Suzanne McAulliffe challenger was predicted (I had inside skinny because if  Norm Holcomb didn't run I would have).   I predicted that Queeny McPipe would  lose both because of  her poor analysis of  Wastewater and pushing for the Forest Road Housing project.   Her prediction of playing golf was very short lived.   I mean I don't know who told her how hard that game was but I want to meet them before I throw my clubs in the pond, because thirty years of playing  has taught me,  no one gets it quick and nearly everyone never gets it to their satisfaction.  However, once again hope springs eternal and we dig out the clubs.  PREDICTION:  Yarmouth will make it three incumbent losers in a row in spring elections in May a few weeks before the Special Election for U.S. Senate.  The week before or after Flag Day June 18th is my guess.  Speaking of which my two year quest to get a Flag will be flying high by then and we will have people on 28 throughout the Cape including the West Yarmouth Library flying flags between Patriots Day and Flag Day recognizing and with Welcome Home signs and Yellow Ribbons around trees for Veterans of all wars. 


I predicted the Superbowl appearance and told you to watch out for Giants, but that will not happen this year.  Patriots all the way, against San Fransisco.  Celtics will be happy to get Bradley back and will make playoffs but Heat too much again.  Red Sox will just be happy with Farrell and rebuilding year will be Cliche by July.  We predicted when Bobby Valentine came to Yarmouth last year that he would be gone by break.  We were right ,  Red Sox wrong for even hiring him.  Bruins make it look like the only Boston Hockey Champions we will have is BC .  You can not win if you dont play!

PREDICTION:  Hyperpartisanship will take a slight nap except for Latimer, Walker, Quigley and Glynn!   People all over will give government a well deserved boo and start coming together for solutions.  Stay tuned for my article on the Sheas Youth Basketball League that will be a shinning example here on the Cape!

   In the mean time my prediction that the Mayan apocolypse would not happen was right on and I would have written an apology like the Cape Cod Times did on their fake stories.  I would not have pulled the past articles either.  You can look back at those predictions folks btw and see I was on the money.  Scott Brown was a big hope loss, but like the Sox , there is always Next Year.  I also predicted Alabama last year , (ask Kevin Matthews of WXTK  if you don't want to look in archives) and I will say Roll Tide again sorry ND but I will never forgive my robbery at Gun Point in South Bend , the week the Sox beat Yankees in 2004.   2013 is gonna be a great year folks , keep the faith.  Go Patriots, both sports and political ones!


Hot Stove Pol. Roundup: Defeat Only Temporary


    At noon, on Election Day,  I sent a message to Scott's Director of  Advance,  who basically was always with Scott!  I told him regardless of outcome and things I would have done differently,  I was proud of him .  I reminded him about the ride down on the elevator on 1/20/10 at the Park Plaza .  I had reminded him to do the right thing, then.  On election day,  I said I was proud of him more than any other Politician I had ever supported.   I also, said finish the day strong and leave it all out on the field.    (I think it only a slight coincidence that he used it directly in concession speech and Mitt too, slightly thereafter).   Scott has always sent me subliminal messages, so by the time the results were coming in,  I had already settled in , to watch the foregone conclusion.  When he said ,  he would know by 9:30pm,  I had confirmed my feeling of the days previous that the turnout was gonna be over 3 Million and that was way out of the range.  I had said that amount was 900k over the amount where Scott won last time.   He did get alot more votes,  but not enough! 


   It is so obvious  it is scary now.  When the masses start seeing it,  you have to look at the other angles, so here goes...!   I heard Dem. State Party Chairman John Walsh on Broadside with Joe Malone say he wants to face Scott Brown again.  (I had predicted at 6:30pm before the polls closed on Sweeney and Malone WATD that I had the same feeling as 1978 Bucky Dent Sox vs. Yankees Game-Obama and Warren win).    I hope John Walsh really feels that so they don't make it difficult on Scott.  If  they do a nice easy Paul Kirk interim, that is fair.  However, if they give someone a step up,  to manuever it may make Scott reconsider.   Vicki Kennedy, would make it another out of  state woman, (with no experience or record),  which was this past race problem in Senate race,  and the Kennedy name problem in the 4th Congressional for Joe, Joe ,(no exp. or record)  Joe!    Scott will beat any MAN easily and get even more votes on empathy (esp. for Women who will get sick of  Warren quicker than Men) of about 1.5 million of that 2.5 million non Presidential Year number! (Women get advantage on Womens issues even more now than Veterans get on military issues).     I hate even suggesting this because these thoughts get read more than you think in political circles but here goes...  Stevie Lynch getting a leg up,  would be tough.  It sets in motion,  the perfect storm stuff that happened on tuesday!  (Capuano and Lynch will be seen having lunch soon.)


  No not Hurricane Sandy but there are connections.  I said after the first Presidential Debate that it was a set up.  I mean right after I heard the Dem. Pundits.  They never admit such things.  If a candidate falls down on stage and he is a Dem, he is doing a rope a dope.   I think Obama was doing  just that.   I saw that guy at the garden in 2004 !  All that I can say is this was a set up.  I will follow up with specifics about this theory and others in the next few days.  It will include the whole Boston Dynamics with Edzo Kelly of  the Firefighters Union , Menino,  State Rep. Marty Walsh,  City Council President Steve Murphy and the Next Mayors race.  It all plays into how this election got them all together , to align themselves for the next ones.   They have not been together even on District Council races,  but this was a layup.  Congressman Stevie Lynch like Edzo, and Marty are Union guys, (Capuano too but outside of  Dot/Southie and other neighborhoods except eastie, and that is a different union, but Charlestown and Local 25 is very strong too)  and they can not move without bumping into eachother in Dorchester/Southie along with State Senator Jack Hart.   They have been waiting patiently to move up.  (Lynch almost announced mid-election day 2004 Bush-Kerry).   Marty gets support for Mayor,  when Menino decides, and Jack runs for Lynch seat just like Lynch did etc.  Now Capuano has to get some sort of deal and that could be up to the Governor.   Unless Vicki Kennedy is in a deal, then  Governor gives Tim Murray leg up,  but Capuano confident he could beat injured Timmy.   It all has to play out, and I have more.  I will give with Red Sox Hot Stove talk soon!  

 Defeat is only temporary !  Just hope it is not 86 Years!

Sports and Politics best games in Town. 



 Please read below article!  "Next Post"!



    ALL  the people who liked Scott Brown in 2010 still like him and then some!  Senator Scott Brown's numbers are real easy to predict.  It has nothing to do with what he or Elizabeth Warren does from now on out except basic hard work!  Senator Brown is always willing to ask for that extra vote and in a very close election he wins on that score.  My take is that is a  turnout number around 2.5-2.8 Million votes.  Anything above that the Warren is hoping for high numbers in her Wards!  If it is below (in 2.2-2.5 Million then  Senator Brown is being talked about as a 2016 Presidential Candidate.  (Brown-Rice 2016 -"Chicken Fingers in every pot" or The Healthy Alternative Ticket).  It will be this TURN-OUT,  that will predict how the Election turns out for Senator Brown!


     All this discussion about how Hurricane Sandy will affect the election, made me think about the comparisons we use in political campaigns .  There certainly was "Electricity" in the 2010 Brown Campaign and Obama Campaign in 2008, whether you were on their side or not!  Their is always power struggles in and outside of campaigns.  It is about power machines, and power seats.  It is about the power vested in those seats and sometimes whether those seats of power are vested with the people.  I always talk about energy.  I always joke about whether if their is Glynn Electric Power in a particular campaign.  (No relation but if they want to adopt me I would love to start another subsidiary GLYNN ELECTIONS with the Electric Bolt going upward like rising poll numbers)!     We talk about ground game energy, and as I sing to my kids as we play around the world in basketball: "Turn out the lights the parties over..." in my best dandy Don Meredith impression.  The storm brought a power outage to the last debate,  and some short term and long term outages home, however,  it doesn't look like Senator Brown has had a Brown-Out in confidence despite polls.  Scott and I have always had the same connection to the importance of  energy a campaign has, and how it is cultivated, and whether an opponent has it or not.  I was with the Senator at Fenway during the winter classic, and the polls were saying something different than we knew at the time.  The techno-crats and what I call the mucky -mucks in all campaigns don't understand the art of  politics even when we understand the importance of the political science.  They are not mutually exclusive they are supplemental.  It is hard explaining to young handlers, and the reality TV generation of  political operatives.  They act like I campaigned with James Michael Curley, (I did campaign with Dapper O'neil who campaigned with Curley , and Dapper Campaigned with Flynn who along with his operatives who campaigned with Clinton, and Flynn of course is with Brown).   There are political constants, and although we have adjusted to realities of the times, neo-fights as I call them,  work on relationships like a TV reality alliance.  The old schoolers see this phonies a mile away.  This translates to energy but the off set is they are on both teams, so it comes back to the Candidate.  Scott Brown made the call back in 2010 as did Martha Coakley.  Those are the calls that win close elections.  Elections even sounds electric!

GLOBE ENDORSEMENT DOES SAME THING FOR PROF. AS AG=NOTHING!    Remember Scott won by 6% in between that number(2.2-2.5 Million)  and that is when alot of people did not know him.  That means Veterans, and Fishermen and lunch pail Union Independent Voters did not know him, and now like how he has stuck up for them.   The Coakley Union Voters are still with Warren and the Democrat side!  However,  the Catholic old timer and/or the WWII Veteran and his wife now know he is a Veteran that they might not have found out before last election.  Also, maybe those old timers were snow birds and have not left for Florida and will vote in this election.  Those are the people who are in that 2.2-2.5 Million along with Independents that stayed home in the snow storm.  These help Scott Big Time!   Same pinky ring Union Bosses minus Lunch Pail Regular Joes and same Globe endorsement!  The Globe was wrong in 2010 in their last poll. They learned lesson and switched polling groups,  and their latest poll has Brown up.  


 I start to break out in a rash when such things happen like Brown /Romney  Cape Cod Times endorsement.  What next Richard Latimer making accurate statements about the military! (If that happens expect an Emergency Alert System broadcast for Falmouth Micro-burst, severe thunderstorm warnings)!   Latimer, admits he did not serve because of hearing like George Bailey, but ironically like Scott Brown , Jimmie Stewart served on active duty in war as a National Guardsman and was a Private and a Colonel and then a General.  He didn't serve in Combat, but he did his part, and followed orders by his command.  I understand Latimer doesn't understand that because he did not serve but he acts like he does understand and he simply does not!  Unlike the character ,  George Bailey , Latimer doesn't do the stuff George Bailey did!  The stuff Scott Brown supports, like the Canal Run for the Troops and Cape Cod Cares for the Troops.  Scott Brown isn't from the Cape but shows up while Latimer is a short march across Mass Military Reservation or an ARMY CORP of Engineer Bridge.  No Latimer,  and no Keating(supposedly Bourne even closer) , no Wolf (HARWICH)  or no Warren (NOT FROM ANYWHERE NEAR HERE)!  I am not a Right Wing Z0mbie, I am a PROUD VETERAN , (You are NOT SURPRISE, SURPRISE, as predicted) and I know VALOR when I see it , and phonies, and you Latimer ARE STILL NOT QUALIFIED TO SPEAK OF VALOR!   SEND A PACKAGE TO A HERO, AND WRITE A NOTE, IF YOU LIKE !   (Heck I don't care if you leave out TP in put a copy of your column).  However, until you do half as much as Senator Brown does for Veteran stick to Bank Regulation,  hmmm George Bailey explained that too! "Its A Wonderful Life"!  If you read the Lying Liberal Lawyer Latimer admit he is wrong, support Veterans,  or see him in Church run seek shelter, listen for thunder, and expect thunder.  If it happens on 12/21/12 then consult a Mexican Illegal, but not a fake Indian Oklahoma or Mexico!  Lefty Lying Liberal Lawyer Latimer, says you have to be rational to be a Lawyer!  In that case not are you not qualified to talk about VALOR,  you and Joke-A-Hauntus, are not qualifed to practice law.  Although, Practice is the operative word!  I heard the reason the sharks stayed away from the seals in Chatham , going after humans, was because Latimer  with them!  Professional Courtesy but not rational !


     A big time Presidential race that  has high favorables for at least one candidate, translates to  real big turnout for both (Obama 2008).    A hometown candidate (2004-Kerry) against an incumbent that is less popular(Bush)  is another big drive to turnout like Kerry vs. Bush Turnout of  2004!    It pulls people out for both sides, even in an obvious win in the state!   The foregone conclusion for President in the state hurts the team on the same side.  There are not coffee house arguments, as the protest voters don't argue they just show up quietly.   There are no bragging rights about the national race especially when it is close, and it is obvious in the state. (Every Dem. since Reagan) !  People don't care if their guy wins by 20-25 or 10%-18%. (This race could vary from less than 10% to over 30% difference between Obama/Romney in Mass.  Usually over twenty percent or more so reducing that number with lower raw votes is huge, especially when that becomes 20% or hundreds of  thousands of  votes.  (2.2 Million or less to well over 3 Million)!   They win by double digits.  The losing side cares because they are making a statement that their vote kept it close. 


    This works  in every case regardless of  the state demographics.  Simply stated usually the incumbent is from the majority party excluding Independents of course!  If they are not then they already proved they can win against the majority party , mainly because of those Independents. Even if you call them unenrolled they pride themselves in not enrolling in any group think.   The key is first overcoming the all important voters noted above that vote for the perceived winner.  That is where energy changes that perception.  Those people don't follow polls usually but are influenced indirectly and pick up on sound bites and street talk about who is going to win, if  only through osmosis.  "He /She can't win, against such and such".  Well, of course they can if they get enough votes.  Usually that number is 6%-10% and that is a blow out, so you see it is all about those people.  The rest of us who study, and choose and hang on every word we really do not make a difference beyond influencing that other 6%.  That is why polls count, and money in the bank/raised is more than the money.   They both go to the perceived ability to win.    I often vote for the guy I know is gonna lose.  When I tell people that they either don't believe me, or give me the Scooby Doo head twirl.  Kinda like you are doing now without the Scooby "huhhh" ?sound!   You see you don't get any money back like a horse race, and whether you guy wins or loses in a blow out,  you will not be able to get money back for their good policies (your guy) or bad policies (other guy).  (I wish operatives got paid by vote, and energy guys got more credit because we would not see throne sniffers get any credit for win, and would get more blame for loss).   The message I send is you have one more vote to earn next time-(bad guy) or you still need me and can not take me for grant it (good guy).  Especially , when the candidates or anyone don't know.  I can tell people I voted for the winner if I want, but does anybody do that very often.  We know they do not shout it from the roof tops that they voted for the loser until , the winner starts looking like a presumed loser by policy,  record or polls/money!



It may seem like a simple thing, but so are elections!  It really is simple although pundits and no nothings that pretend to know everything try to persuade you differently.    Here it is folks, and you can take it to the bank.  You can read my previous election predictions , well ahead of time.  You can look back at my previous Presidential predictions and they will still be right.   I will only make one prediction, now late.  It will be Virginia that TURNS-OUT the winner.   Some will say it is Ohio, some will say Florida, some will say Iowa or Wisconsin.  That will be true only in the sense that Massachusetts will be with the winner if it is Obama, and Texas if it is Romney.   Iowa will only come in after the 270 is made and I agree for the winner.  However, back in Massachusetts U.S. Senate Race,  it will come down to the above TURN-OUT!  Here is why it will not be the higher numbers for Warren!  One, there is no excitement!  There are no opinions on the Presidential Race around the water cooler hear.  People do not care if  Romney loses by 8% or 80% in Massachusetts, but it matters in the Senate race.  Now it is more the difference between 10% and 30%.  That is the 20% TURN-OUT difference.  Here it is in raw numbers by percentage.   If  2.5 million show up than 1% is 25k.  If I am correct than Scott Brown by 6% means 150k!  20% difference in Romney's numbers is no excitement for Presidential Race.    It also,  means 900k less votes not for Obama coming out!  That is calculated in to my original figure, so keep it simple.  Just look at my numbers and ask yourself is there excitement here like 2004 or 2008.  Talk to College kids.  They will tell you, they probably just won't vote.  The negativity turns to apathy all around.  Ask anyone, they just are turned off.  Ask anyone who voted in 2008 for Obama or Brown if they felt that way, and they will tell you NO WAY! 

Low Turn Out ALWAYS favors the Incumbent!

Masschusetts same as anywhere!  This blue state nonsense is just for before election day!   Otherwise,  the day after elections like 2010 or following any election for a Republican Governor, they would be changing their party affiliation!   Besides if it needed to be disproven Scott Brown already did that in 2010.   I suppose you come up with different scenerios until the cows come home,  Governor, Senate,  Congress, or General , Special, Presidential Election Cycles until it works your way.  However,  then it has to work everytime AND forever. Otherwise,  everyplace shades turn from Dark Blue, to light to Purple to light Red and Bright Red!   My take is also, as lopsided as it is that other way.  It  can not be proven until we are ALL BLUE FOREVER!   That is equally foolish, but not more foolish!  Turnout works for all parties,  all the time!  That does not mean that an incumbent candidate with scandal all over them wins.  No it just means it would have been worse with a higher turn out!  All things being equal like with Brown-Warren , low turnout helps Scott!  Medium turnout leans Scott, and excited high turnout helps the nutty Professor.  I put that in because,  right around here someone would say, this is an argument trying to fit my view.  No this is the results!  I want Scott to win no doubt so that is why I put in the nutty professor statement.  However,  I would have put she has no chance, if I was simply trying to influence your vote, or thought you one who votes for only eventual winner.  No , I think it is all over but the crying it depends on how many people are crying!  Plain ol TURN -OUT Dynanmics! 




    Here is the  Clue version of the riddle.   The Nutty Professor in the Library with the Rope or the Colonel in the VA with the Gun!  Things shape much worse for Warren than Brown.   I have said all along there is opposite COAT-TALES!   This is the stories that follow the opposite Presidential -U.S. Senate Party Wins.  If  Romney wins and Brown loses than by lunch time on Wednesday Scott Brown is Secretary of  Veteran Affairs Elect.  If Obama wins and Warren is a loser, well she will be a loser by breakfast and John Kerry will be Secretary of  State- Elect by sunrise!  The difference between Warren and Coakley is Martha had won several times and Millions of dollars.  Warren will be an o-fer, and will have spent the most ever in such a lose in blue state Massachusetts.  See the difference,  Joke-A - Haunt-us will be used all over Union Job sites.   Lie-A-watha will be the name attached to not only the most money spent per vote in a loss in Massachusetts but anywhere in the World.  The green effect will have Dems. blaming the Nutty Professor for Climate change!    All the people who had to wait will let them fly.  Iron workers will be saying Stevie waited his turn twice on the job, and Stevie Lynch will be buying them lunch on Nov. 7th to get them behind him for the Kerry Seat, I mean the other peoples seat!    Bill Weld will be hoping to meet Warren, but Vicki will be nudging to take Capuano and Lynch out the same way the other two women lawyers did to them twice. 


I can not go an article here without making an over all sports reference and in Massachusetts we know it is a full contact sport!  Unfortunately, for the Sooner Carpet Bagger she is not an athlete like DOWN-TOWN SCOTTY BROWN!  There is no such thing as an away game for Senator Scott Brown and he will not lose his nickname , his title, or his style.  His style is the underdog, the title is Senator, and the nick name is DOWN TOWN SCOTTY BROWN AND NEVER AN AWAY GAME!



Brown Brigade Veterans know difference between Heroes and Stolen Valor!



Well, we have entered the Silly Season in the campaigns, and the Mass Senate race is no different. We’ve reached the point where all the candidate’s positions are established and the only way left to move the 5-6% uncommitted is to create controversy from thin air. We’ve seen bloggers from both sides attack candidates because sign holders have made ignorant comments. (The Warren camp is particularly prone to genuflect before the alter of the Sisters of Perpetual Outrage as no asinine comment by a Brown supporter goes without a full throated, breast clutching, hysterical objection by Liz’s troops).I thought I had heard it all.

                But new lows were reached this week in a of couple articles in both Cape Cod Today (Latimer) and Cape Cod Times (My View-Chris Johnson),  when they stole a simple idea from a Boston Globe article, which suggested that Senator Brown was benefitting from his honorable service to his country in his re-election bid. But then they despicably suggested that the Senator’s actions dishonored the Senator and the military.  One would like to dismiss such scurrilous charges to the heat of the campaign.  But it at least derives from a misunderstanding of military service and perhaps from a small-mindedness driven by radical left ideology.


                As one who  served in all three components of the U.S. Army for over a decade from the mid-'80's to mid-90's I not only know about the changes of the ALL ARMY concept while also witnessing  the practical applications of it in both war and peace time.   I find it really ironic that two civilians with no service, (if they had served a  mention of it would suggest some soldier cred. on the issue) and one who is a lawyer, care to make comment on their ignorance of  both Senator/Colonel Brown's military service and his JAG CORPS branching.   Senator Brown went to basic training at Fort Dix N.J. in the '80's (I was there  the night the ball went through Buckners legs).   I mention baseball because I was back there two years later and finally saw that play while watching a Mets rain delay) 


 Speaking of  New York, that is where I started in the reserves and after my active duty I then  served in the Yankee Division of the Massachusetts National Guard.   The Yankee Division at that time was the most decorated unit in the military.  Thier battle streamers go back to the Revolutionary war.    Can you say citizen-soldier?   Maybe you can look it up on the next hack holiday.  Maybe you can look it up on Patriots Day?  The Yankee Division fought and lost lives in France in WWII, as did the unit that I served in during my active duty time, the 101st Airborne Division-(BAND OF BROTHERS) .  Since the deactivation of the Yankee Division the 101st Airborne leads all parades with the most battle streamers.   In the latter position I took part in General Schwartskopff’s famous “bank to the left” in which the 101st sped through the Iraqi desert to cut off Saddam’s Republican Guard from their supply lines.   (I wonder if  the writers of these pieces only SIGNIFICANT objection to Saddam's force are the words, Republican and Guard.) .  Ted Williams and Senator John Glenn served in the same Army-Air Corp Fighter Wing in Korea.  The troops in the 2nd Infantry Division who wore the Indianhead Warrior Division patch did not care if a Democrat from Ohio,  or  a left fielder who played for the Red Sox was supporting them from the air.  They cared only that they did it well, and by all accounts they did it very well!  (Ironically, Ted Williams pitch in only one game, and his catcher Joe Glenn,   also caught for Red Sox /Yankees pitcher,  Babe Ruth, including his last game).    I was at the Bucky Dent game , a few years before my enlistment, and there was at least one, Spaceshot (Bill Lee) on the team, and one in the stands (Joe Glynn).  My brother John Glynn was not an Astronaut and I was not a Catcher but that has nothing to do with the spelling of  Glynn or Glenn.  My brother did send me a letter in 1986 stamped Fenway Park Station addressed to PFC Joseph Glynn, D-5-3 and Senator /Private Brown was in same Brigade in B-2-3 a few years earlier.  Senator Brown enlisted because of what he saw the National Guard during the Blizzard of 1978, and of course, the Bucky (bleeping ) Dent home run was in the Yankee vs. Red Sox one game playoff of 1978!


      I can tell you that during those cold nights in the no man's land between Iraq and Saudi Arabia,  I never once questioned if the next mornings meal was gonna be brought to us by a Reservist or aNational Guard Member.  Although , I remember going back to take a shower that  would remove layers of dirt but would add a layer of dust after the "deuce and 1/2 traveled back through the desert.  I know for a fact that laundry and bath unit (they washed uniforms after months of hand washing) was a Guard unit, I think from S.C.   I am not sure all the units that supported of us from the air, but I remember that shower some twenty something years later.  They were in behind us but closer to the Scuds that went over our heads and landed closer to them after being shot down or missing intended targets.  (Many of us with Gulf War mystery illness believe those falling to the desert made their way to our lungs and our system).  My point is even in the wars where there was clear forward areas , soldiers never question and always appreciate anyone, with our uniform on,  bringing bullets or beans to help us do our job, while doing theirs!  Sure there is espirit de corps (that is pronounced es-pree day core for phonies and O'bama fans).   Kind of like I can beat up my brother but you can't!    Active Duty Units can heckle Guard Units  (May be reason for the deactivation of the Yankee Division).   Marines can call the Army Boy Scouts,  the fly boys can say "Hey Sailor" (at least up until don't ask don't tell),  and they all can say that Coast Guardsman have to be 6' 5" tall so they can walk  back to shore from Nantucket Sound!  However,  if  Latimer or anyone else,  insults the service of any Veteran he is gonna get it from me with both cannons. 


  Remember , John McCain would not insult John Kerry's service?   Jimmy Carter was more qualified than Obama purely on his graduation from the Naval Academy.  Speaking of which, a good Dorchester friend of mine taught ethics at the Naval Academy and then ended up being a JAG Officer down at Gitmo.  Does his service count, Counselor ? Do you have to know,  that his sister worked at the State House, and City of  Boston before getting a City sponsored scholarship to Harvard's JFK  School of  Government (she ran against Coakley as Dem. in Dot State Rep. race and his brother works for the T), before your double standard kicks in?  (Ironically,  I introduced him to Senator Brown during Dot Day Parade and joked about him being in the Navy).  In the Army ,  your right arm patch, (unit patch that you served in Combat with) is less important than the U.S. Flag patch on the opposite side, like the name tag U.S. Army patch was more important than my Glynn that was on the opposite side of my chest.   It is not the Unit , the Branch of  Service,  MOS, (Military Occupational Specialty), Officer Branch, insignia or rank that gives you honor.  As a matter of fact, the civilians who organize for Cape Cod Cares for The Troops, the Gold and Blue Star Parents, and all those that support them in any way,  honor themselves and honor all that serve!  Senator Brown and Colonel Brown going back to when he was in Basic as a Private or back when he was an ROTC Cadet he took that oath.  He took that Oath as a State Rep. and Senator under the same dome that the original Minutemen were willing to respond at a moments notice to defend.  I would say shut up,  to those weak , ignorant people who don't know what they speak or write,  but I would be dishonoring my service and my oath.  I fought for your freedom to speak such nonsense,  and I committed to that the day I signed up, not after. 


         It has been said that the US involvement in the Middle East is not understood at home, that the vast majority of Americans do not have skin in the game or an understanding of how the war is fought. That statement is made clear when a Veteran reads the vile, unmitigated nonsense written by Attorney Latimer. Somehow, I know he never served.  Heck, I would not be adverse to recognition of  Ambassadors in hostile duty assignments getting military recognition as mentioned in todays Cape Cod Times -My View piece.  Although,  I don't think President Obama is in the same league as General Washington, they both get Salute as Presidents from All soldiers.    Also, Commanders dictate the uniform of the day, in all environments.  Colonel Brown does not get to pick his uniform, his Commander does.  Most like his Division Commander, especially while deployed in Afghanistan.  Active Duty for Training or (ADT)  is Active Duty.  If someone is killed or injured they are afforded the same benefits as any other Active Duty member whether they are at Camp Edwards or Afghanistan.    Senator Brown is an Officer and in any field envirionment rank is subdued, and even salutes are eliminated.  This is a fact of warfare as there is confusion when leadership is in question.  Also, high profile individuals like John McCain have value as targets or POWs.  Therefore ,  camoflauge is not just for the envirionment it is for all combat environments.  That is why Generals down to Privates where uniforms with uniformity!    Again dictated by the Command!    Their are no individuals !  Senator Brown not only knows that he understands it is an invaluble part of any unit, be Platoon, Company, Brigade, Division Branch or Component!




            Latimer suggests that Senator Brown “got himself assigned” to Afghanistan. He may have sought the opportunity, but he was assigned his duty by the Army. Latimer suggests that because Senator Brown did not come under fire that he doesn’t deserve the credit for “serving”. In fact there is no place in Afghanistan that is safe. Just read the newspapers. National Guard troops comprise around 9% of those killed in Afghanistan. They were not all lost in firefights in the provinces. Latimer suggests that wearing fatigues is a photo op. In fact, soldiers only wear them when they are on duty, serving. Latimer even comes up with photos from the Cape Cod Today archives to bolster his phony points. Those are photos of a soldier serving, not campaigning, because the Senator is forbidden by military code from wearing his uniform while campaigning. 


                Latimer is not the only writer who has taken the Globe story and expanded its point. In doing so, the authors have dishonored all Veterans. They have also dishonored their readers- and themselves. If they do so from a misunderstanding of what military service means, and how it works, then hopefully they feel remorse and would be men and women enough to correct themselves. Then again it may just be jealousy. But if they are motivated solely by partisan anger, then it is they, and not Senator Brown, who are guilty of dishonorable conduct.  War is an ugly thing, but the decayed  moral spirit that thinks  that nothing is worth fighting for and then reaches for insults to diminish one who has served, is a vile creature that does not deserve the defense of those who do serve. However, here is the rub.Those who take that oath do so with full knowledge they are fighting, serving and signing on to risk their own life in the defense of others who do not.   I might say shut up because you know not what you speak or write about but then that would be dishonorable.  This is what we defended.  This is why we enlisted.  I am an American Fighting Man and I defend my country and its way of  life.  This does not mean your ugly words  do not injure, but they can not dishonor any Veteran.  You simply are not qualified to dishonor any soldier in any unit.  You can dishonor yourself, and I believe you have. 

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