Why Them and not Me? [Alberta Sequeira]

How many alcoholic abusers get upset that their siblings can drink with no side effects but they’re always getting in trouble from their drinking? Either the disease is hereditary and they don’t have the gene or they just choose not to over-drink.

If it’s not hereditary, I think you need to look into a list of causes making you become an alcoholic. First it’s your choice to drink and take drugs. We all become responsible for our actions. It all begins with your habit. Any habit is hard to break; whether it’s biting your nails, smoking, drinking, taking drugs or having a bad routine that we keep following.

*You need to get another activity that keeps your mind working toward a healthier life. Get a job, go to the gym, work with kids, get into organizations or volunteer your time for a good cause.

Where are your friends who you used to laugh with and share a great friendship with? Remember doing things that were just plain fun without drinking? How many of them have left because of your drinking?

Your new friends are the ones who drink with you and find every excuse that there is that nothing is wrong with it because everyone in your crowd is doing the same thing. That makes it easier to stay in denial and you convince yourself that you have no problem.

*You need to realize that these “so called friends” don’t care what happens to you. They just need someone to follow them or want your money when you need a fix. “Misery loves company.” Once you leave school, these friends will be gone; whether by them walking away from you or their death from their habit. 

What location do you keep going to for entertainment? Is it the bar, a place to meet with a drug dealer, wild parties or places that your friends congregate to drink? This is a good way to become brain dead as the years go on in your life. Your body can take this abuse for just so long.

*By this stage, you need to reach out to professionals and get help. Do it for you. If you go to keep people off your back for drinking, you won’t recover. You need to face this problem dead on or you will die from it.

Need strength to get through this? Turn to your Higher Power. You will never be alone. Prayer is just talking to God. I tell alcoholics to say an easy prayer each day. In the morning ask God, “Please help me get through this day without a drink.” At night, thank Him, even if it was the worse day of your life. Why? Because He is giving you another day to get it right. 

Get out of denial and get on a road to recovery. It's your battle.

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