Dry Spell with Writing and Promoting


Have you felt hopeless with ever getting known or with your writing? I’m at that stage. You call, email, send personal queries, introduction letters, and even walk into bookstores or libraries to have the chance to book sign. Do you run to check emails, or jump with excitement when the phone rings, only to realize your information to someone has gone dead?

Wow! How do we keep going? Since 2007, this is the first time with writing my new fictional book that I’ve been off the computer not doing any work on it for four months. We did move to another building in our complex and I had eye surgery. But, getting to the excitement to continue is a struggle.

My new book The Rusty Years is to be a trilogy. The first book is completed and the other two are in drafts almost done. Sent queries out 6-9 months ago to romance, women’s fiction, and other publishers or agents with my information and nothing has arrived.

Since I have done all my books in Create Space, that will most likely be my next move. I had truly hoped for a publisher with this book.  It felt different than all my memoirs or Narrative Non-Fiction. I had a shock last week finding out that Create Space will NO LONGER help a writer get their book(s) into their site or even give advice if you run into a problem. If you do need help, they offer three companies…you have to pay, to help you set your book up. 

That adds up to another thing being taken off a writer or author…..our money. Everything is about making “money” for everyone but the author who has worked their hearts out to get published. Every company eats off our royalties. 

All these new changes are fine if you work and make “money.” Being retired, is a downfall. We struggle enough to save for our medication, food, gas, or other important things. This year, the raise in Social Security with an added $2.00 a month has not helped me. 

I’m not complaining, but talking openly about the author's roadblocks that face us all. There has to be some wonderful, exciting, new stories to pull at our reader’s hearts or give educational advice that go under the rug and never seen. 

So, to me, the goal is try to get the manuscript correctly into Create Space and set my mind to the steps of just getting the book out there. Miracles happen and maybe, just maybe, the book will be noticed. 

Years ago, I read about a male author who saved himself the headache of everything I mentioned and just put his 23 books into Kindle....ebooks. He put no money out, skipped the publishers and agents, no need to wait 2 years for his work to get into the public’s eye or run from one festival to another. Smart man. If his work is worth it, and the ratings of his book goes up, someone of importance will notice it. That’s a good way to stop stress. If the Kindle goes well, then a publisher could put it into book form. 

Just venting this morning. I hope someone else related to my words. 

Have a great day!

Alberta Sequeira
Email: [email protected]

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