Meaning of Life - Redux

Back in September 2006 I posted a blog about the meaning of life. Back then I thought it had something to do with being nice, eating right, expanding the mind, keeping in shape, and living in peace and harmony. Boy, was I wrong!

Two years later I think I've finally figured it all out. So I've edited that blog from 2006:


Meaning of Life - Redux (2008)

I look around at the world today and let's face it. We could get smashed by an asteroid any day now bringing about worldwide Armageddon and the end to all life on the planet. So I'm thinking I shouldn't put it off any longer.

The meaning of life. Many have written about it. Philosophers, theologians, and all kinds of great thinkers down through the ages. Why are we here? Is there some great cosmic reason? Or is it all just by chance? Are we here by destiny? Or by some random turn of the card? Are we each something special? Or just mere happenstance?

Are we here through Creation? Or Evolution? Or Intelligent Design? Or perhaps Interior Design?

Coffee beansI've consulted the great books. Read what the great minds have written on the subject. I've thought deep thoughts. I've meditated. I've even taken yoga. And through it all, one thing stands out in my mind: coffee.

Yes, coffee. It all makes perfect sense now. We were made to drink coffee. Heck, before we can even get moving in the morning we need to consume two cups of the stuff. The smell of it alone revives the senses. Medium roast, dark roast, with cream and sugar or without, it seems quite obvious to me that coffee is at the center of everything. Coffee, and the consumption of the blessed, steaming brew, is what life is all about. Coffee is the true meaning of life!

I've decided to accept this as my philosophy. Better to have some philosophy ... however lame ... than to have none at all.

So, for a good Cup of Joe stop by your local coffee shop. But don't wait another day. Who knows how long we have until the asteroid hits!


Meaning of Life - Addendum (as of June 1, 2008 at 10:19 pm) 


It's what separates us from the primates.

That, and a written language.

But let's not forget that primates do have an opposable thumb, just like us humans.

So once they figure out how to use a pencil and a computer keyboard, and how to button up a shirt and zipper up pants and tie a Windsor knot, look out! There will be no telling us apart!

Heck, with that opposable thumb they'll even be able to pour themselves a cup of coffee!

God help us!

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