Etcetera, etc.

I awoke early this morning, about 5:15, perhaps because of the wind outside my window, the remnants of Tropical Storm Hanna as she arrived and departed so swiftly in the wee hours.

With darkness both indoors and out I arose, brewed a full pot of coffee, let out Lucy (my Boston Terrier), and fired up the computer to continue the seemingly never-ending process of editing a manuscript I've been working on ... and on ... and on. Hopefully, I'll wrap it up this week, so I can move on to my next unfinished project!

A cup of steaming caffeine in hand, I stepped outside to let the restless wind "comb" my restless head of hair. In the sleepy morning light I surveyed the emerging scene. Small branches down here and there. Small puddles collecting here and there. Small squirrels - doing whatever it is that squirrels do early in the morning - scampering here and there. Otherwise, nothing major to report. So I took a swig of java, smiled upon the breezy early morn, and reentered the house toward my inner sanctum ... and the manuscript that won't go away!

Downstairs, in a room without windows, and thereby without distractions (and thereby, without excuses), yet with gentle classical music filling the early morning void, I took my place at the keyboard. Lucy took her place on a nearby couch. In time, I was typing, and Lucy was snoring. I guess she wasn't impressed with my output. Oh well, what do you expect from a terrier.

Some of the first things I wrote were quite random in nature. Because I was in a state of semi-sleep I assumed these tidbits came largely from my unconscious mind, and therefore represented raw brushstrokes uncensored by rational thought ... and by caffeine.

Here goes:

Item #1

Reading is one of life's great luxuries. God may have created Mankind, but Mankind created books. When I die, I plan to be buried with at least a half dozen titles so I'll have something to read in Purgatory ... I hear it's a long wait.

Item #2 

I am obsessed with car engine oil. I check the level constantly. Perhaps I need to see a therapist about this condition. Make note: "See auto oil therapist."

Item #3

I find that it's the "etceteras" in life that take up the most time, cost the most money, create the greatest amount of stress, and cause me to grow the greatest amount of gray hair. Oh, that reminds me - I need a haircut and a shave.

So, it would seem that my day is set. I'll do a little reading, check the auto oil, maybe get a trim, and then deal with all the etceteras that life throws my way.

As for Lucy, I believe her day will consist of snoring to the right, rolling over, and then snoring to the left ... with the occasional trip out to the backyard to break up the routine.

Etc., etc., etc.

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