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Sagamore to Braintree [Jonathan Mayo]

Crossing the Construction and time-lapsing to Braintree

Dashcam Video and Photos  By Jonathan Mayo



Cotuit play opens Friday [Jonathan Mayo]

Riders to The Sea opens at the Cotuit Center for The Arts

by Jonathan Mayo

A new one-act play, paired with local art and poetry will premiere  Friday at the Cotuit Center for the Arts.

Riders to the Sea
in the Black Box Theater at COTUIT CENTER FOR THE ARTS
Riders to the Sea by J.M. Synge is an Irish play wrought with the tragedy of the life of the sea.  The play is set during the early days of the twentieth century on the remote Irish Aran island of Inisheer. Maurya, a mother, and her two daughters, Cathleen and Nora, wait in silent dread for news of their brother Michael, who they fear has been lost at sea. With the sea claiming the lives of her four eldest sons, Maurya tries in vain to dissuade her last son, Bartley, from making the same trip and meeting the same fate.
It will be paired with local art and poetry which express the complexities of the ocean which surrounds us here on Cape Cod.    Come be a part of history then and now.
Directed by Erin Trainor.
Local poems include those of  Annellen Zalis, Robin Clarke, Alan Howarth, Melissa Resch, Lauren Wolk, Lori Desrosiers, Joe Gouveia, Alan Howarth, Lee Roscoe, Ryk Mcintyre, J.Barrett Wolf, Diana Elizabeth and Jonathan Mayo.
Performances will be held in the Black Box Theater,  March 16-31, Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm
Tickets: $12
To purchase tickets, please  go here, or call 508-428-0669.
The box office at the Black Box Theater will be open one half hour prior to showtime.
Please be aware that latecomers cannot be seated.
4404 Falmouth Road  Cotuit, MA 02635
(508) 428-0669


Video-Red Line to Suffolk [Jonathan Mayo]

Watch the world whiz by!    

video by Jonathan Mayo


I have been riding on the red line quite a bit in my quest for higher education. Here is some video from last Wednesday, where a light blanket of snow covered the area. Enjoy!



6A tree work-late spring [Jonathan Mayo]

MassDot and N-Star  will seek public comments

By Jonathan Mayo

Yarmouth's Old King's Highway Commitee will oversee public hearings concerning plans for tree work along 6A. Several old growth trees have outgrown their locations on this windy stretch of road. Meetings with MassDot and N-Star will be scheduled in coming weeks,  so watch for announcements. 

Abutters, interested parties are urged to attend.  For folks outside of Yarmouth,  consult your local Old King's Highway Commitee.

Rollover on White's Path [Jonathan Mayo]

Single vehicle accident  cuts power in South Yarmouth.

Photos By Jonathan Mayo

YARMOUTH - Yarmouth Police, Fire and N-Star responded to a single vehicle accident on White's Path in South Yarmouth around 7 AM Thursday.  A pickup truck hit a telephone pole, rolled over and cut power to a portion of the area. The driver was transported by ambulance for unknown injuries.  The cause of the crash is unknown. Road conditions were slick at the time.

Daffodils in February [Jonathan Mayo]

Sights from a Brewster jaunt

Photos by Jonathan Mayo

If we need any more proof that spring is imminent,  look no further than Brewster! These persistent little daffodils by Stony Brook will be opening any day now. 

Vigorous flow at Stony Brook.  Check out the new wheel at the mill!


                           Looking back the mill from a most uncanny angle.


Sears Ancient Cemetery, Brewster

Some very old relatives are buried here, as a Mayo once married into the Sears family.

The passage of time becomes immediately evident.

                      A mill pond below the cemetery feeds this gurgling herring run.

 The Brewster Flats

Warmer weather invites walks along the Brewster flats- Plenty of room to roam!

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Pristine Snowscapes

Beauty on the Golf Course

Photos by Jonathan Mayo

A much welcomed blanket of snow made for some great scenery around The Cape.  I'd like to share some photos from the Bass River Golf Course, whose outer reaches reveal pristine snowscapes.

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Fabulous Falmouth sunset & more

Photos From Brewster,  Dennis, Falmouth and beyond

By Jonathan Mayo

This striking sunset took place last Sunday at Falmouth Heights Beach, The fiery red belies the cold that day,  about 15 after wind chill.

Sights from Brewster

Below we see a pine grove near Brewster Memorial Cemetery. This area was devastated a few years ago by some unknown disease.  Incredibly the dead swath is even apparent on Google Maps @ coordinates 41.742291,-70.077195

The Punkhorn,  Brewster

Jacob's Ladder, the work of some ambitious youngsters.

Below we see what remains of an old truck.  No, the window crank doesn't work. ;)

Bass River in January

 From the old railroad tracks at Bass River.

As seen from Indian Lands

Last Fall's grass along the old tracks.

Boston Panoramas

I've been seeing an awful lot of the city recently, attending Grad School at Suffolk. So here's

some views across the city,  from this morning.

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"Frozen Bun Run" benefits Yarmouth Pantry

Sponsors,  participants and volunteers share the credit.

By Jonathan Mayo

Runners, walkers and even some enthusiastic dogs joined the Yarmouth Food Pantry's "Frozen Bun Run",  January 1, 2012. This event, sponsored by The Yarmouth Police Department, Yarmouth Rotary Club and Nauset Disposal benefits the local food pantry, whose contributions are critical in these times of need.  Special thanks is due to the sponsors, participants and Pantry volunteers. 

Below we see the volunteers registering participants for the event.

Video can been seen  here.



Walkers and runners assemble for the start of the event.

For more information on Pantry News and future events visit their site, 


Happy New Year!



Falmouth boasts December charm

A quintessential New England Christmas

by Jonathan Mayo

A time-lapse photo of sunset at ":the Knob."
There is still time to visit the Falmouth Town Green, where the Christmas displays are well worth the drive.

I have been frequenting the spot for about 23 years now, and it is still very much the way it was then.

As a teenager I'd visit the area, having lived nearby.  

Main St. was a little different. Troy Clarkson was a freshman selectman back then and now he's the Town Administrator of Bridgewater but still lives and writes about Falmouth.

The Town has always worked to make the place special this time of year.

Falmouth Center has a quintessential New England quality to it and the Christmas displays only add to that ambience.

There is still time to visit!

                Note the clock setting below-DPW joke?

Sunset at The Knob

"The Knob" at Quisset Harbor, Woods Hole is a wonderful place to visit. We caught a sunset there prior to our Town Green visit. Bundle up, though!