Fox News is too liberal?


Rather than just be a news reporting outlet, Fox News realized it could increase its ratings if it appealed to a certain demographic. As time went on Fox began to get more extreme in its vocabulary, and, more often than not, made sure that its newscasters and hosts were loud, overbearing, and extreme in what they presented. They needed to keep getting more extreme at this as their audience began to pull people in. Often the hosts seemed to avoid the truth in favor of presenting cartoonish and exaggerated end of the world descriptions of the things they knew the devoted viewers would want to hear.

Not only was Fox News effective in producing a mind set, they have become so effective that they have lost control of those they created, or at least allowed out of the woodwork, by making extreme views mainstream acceptable.

They have been so effective, in fact, that the Tea Party held a three day boycott of Fox News because, according to them, Fox has become too liberal.

It actually hasn't, but the fact that it stopped sliding down the slippery slop of stupidity it so gleefully created, it is now behind those who have kept right on slipping.

Among the sins of Fox are that they have not kept after the Obama birth certificate thing (He's Black, so, of course, he cannot really be American), and they have not had regular daily coverage of Benghazi (Lindsey Graham has had all the paper work on Benghazi for almost a month now, and has said nothing which could lead one to believe he is either a slow reader, or he saw there was nothing to get worked up about). But having not cared about all the other embassy raids and killings that took place during the last administration, they have obsessed on the one that happened during the administration of the president they really, really want to be a non-American, and the one from whom they want to take America back- a suspicious goal in itself.

They have even objected to fox's faux slogan by stating, "we are not interested in fair and balanced".

Even when Sean Hannity did a show on Benghazi as a result of a previous boycott it was considered "loud noise, low on substance" and "smoke and mirrors" according to the tea party protesters. They saw it as pandering.

If they consider Fox to be too liberal, it only shows the depths of their extremity.

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