One of the reasons the media (yes, the mainstream and especially the high ground Fox News) are able to fool people, is because too many people are uninformed about reality. And, they will defend their misconceptions with every fiber of their being. Truth is what they want it to be, or what someone told them it was knowing they wouldn't check.

That’s why politicians like Michelle (these are the end times) Bachmann get elected.

Their being uninformed makes it easy to fool them because they have no basis upon which to question what they are told.

Fox News won a court case that decided that they were perfectly within their rights to knowingly lie to their audience. Not being all that informed, their audience accepts whatever they are told without question. With this sort of freedom, that outlet can say anything.

These are some very sad survey results about the general political, historical, and Constitutional knowledge of average non-questioning Americans.

1. Only 45% of Americans were able to correctly identify what the initials in GOP stood for.

2. 55% of Americans believe that Christianity was written into the Constitution. This includes 75% of Republicans and Evangelicals. they also believe that the country was founded as "one nation under Jesus".

3. While 40% of people were able to name all three of the United States branches of government, a far lower percentage knew the length of a Senator’s term. Only 20%, knew how many Senators there are.

4. Americans are known to pick recent heads of state as among the best presidents in history. Presently Clinton and Reagan regularly rank higher than Lincoln, FDR and Washington.

5. 30% of Americans couldn’t say in what year 9/11 happened even as few as five years after the attack.

6. 80% of Americans believe that there is life out there somewhere, with 1 in 5 alleging that an alien life form has abducted a friend or family member. That’s a lot of anal probes considering that there are approximately 300 million people in the country

7. Young Americans had a difficult time correctly identifying Iraq (1 in 7) and Afghanistan (17%). Only a slim majority (51%) knew where New York was. According to Forbes and National Geographic 29% couldn’t point to the Pacific Ocean.

8. 25% of Americans were unable to identify the country from which America gained its independence. Older folks scored much better than young people on this question, but with a third of those 18-29 unable to come up with the correct answer.

9. 30% of Americans didn’t know what the Holocaust was.

10. Only half of Americans knew that Judaism came before Christianity.

11. 20% believe that the Sun revolves around the Earth.

12. In 2011, using a citizenship test, Newsweek found that 29% of Americans were unable to correctly identify the current Vice President, Joe Biden, and 73% had no idea why we fought the Cold War.

13. According to most polls, Americans didn’t know that Obamacare was scheduled to go into effect.

14. 2006 AP polls showed that a majority of Americans were unable to name more than one of the protections guaranteed in the first Amendment of the Constitution

15. Many Tea Party members believe the original event was about the tax on tea when in reality the tax had been reduced. The real reason was that Parliament had given a monopoly to the East India Tea Company which allowed them to charge an exorbitant price for the tea. It was about big business and the 1%, not taxes.

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