A day late travel tip & MeatLoaf

      Ok, no I did not forget, last night 8-17 my son treated me to an AliceCooper concert, the dude can still rock out even at age 63. By the timewe got home and with the summer sick hebbie jebbies running ramped inour house, well it just didn't happen. So with all that said, Aspromised I will always give you a recipe and that I am delivering on.
      Quick travel tip, instead of relying on the TV in the cottage orhotel room to keep the kids busy during the down times, take some boardgames or card games to play. If your family is not used to playinggames together this is a great time to start. I know I have toldstories of our family playing games. I can not stress the importance ofhow this bonding time strengthened our relationships. This was not justwhen I was elementary age but all the way through high school and eveninto college. The other thing that my mother encouraged me to do was totake puzzle books. Word searches (loved these), crossword puzzles (shewas good at this, me never could get into them.) Number searches(another love) and the list goes on. These stimulate the mind and helpexpand ones knowledge, and when summer can be a time for slippingbackwards, being able to keep the mind stimulated while helping themembers of your family have fun is well worth the couple bucks youmight spend.
      Well that's it for this week, short sweet and simple. Have agreat week enjoying the Cape, and if you one who's kids are alreadystarting back to school, enjoy a few moments of quiet time to yourself.Until next week, Someone check the oil in the lighthouse lamp and makesure the lens is polished and clean so the beam is shining brightly tolead me the way home.
      This weeks recipe is my own, it's a good one that my familyloves. So since it's time tested and family approved than it must be awinner. Before anyone say's what are you doing such a standard recipe,well sometimes it just good to through in something that everyone"knows" but on a split can't find their recipe. Or maybe your familyhas been hinting that your meat loaf just doesn't cut it. Then againmaybe your a college student and your tired of the cafeteria food oryou just want to impress your girlfriend that you really aren't afraidof the kitchen. Well there are always times that I am looking for agood old recipe, and this is one of them. So even if you have your own,take a look at this one, and maybe give it a try and see what youthink. Now on with the show.
      This week's recipe: MeatLoaf

  •       1      lb         ground beef
  •       2      lb         ground sausage (Mild, Italian, or sage depending on your tastes)
  •       1      cup      plain bread crumbs (I've also used Italian seasoned)
  •       2                 eggs
  •       1      tbls      Old Bay Seasoning
  •       1      tbls      Italian seasoning
  •       1      tsp       lemon pepper
  •       1      tbls      Worcestershire sauce
  •       4      dashes Red Hot pepper sauce (give or take to your taste)
  •      1/4    cup       barbecue sauce (this is optional, yes, optional, sometimes I do sometimes I don't)

     Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix together. then put in a loaf panor in a 9 inch deep pie dish and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes oran internal temperature of 160.

      Now some of you will notice no onion, no pepper, no celery,no this no that. Remember this is a basic recipe, you can always add1/2 cup of onion (or more), 1/2 cup of peppers, add garlic if you like,but over the years I have found that the biggest secret to my meat loafhas been the combination of beef and pork. Play with if for your ownlikes and preferences, but whatever you do just have fun with it. Andoh ya, meatloaf sandwiches for lunch the next day, even better.

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