4 Must Visits on Cape Cod & Crock-Pot Baked Beans

       I must if not am compelled to hand out a couple of tidbit kudos and updates to a couple of local bizes around the Cape. Why you ask? Nothing more that I like to support local business, I have said this before and I will say it again, I don't get paid to say my Kudos, I don't expect anything in return but when good things happen when they don't even know who I am just another Joe-shmo and just go out of there way to help, be kind or anything else, I will do my best to give them a heads up. These places I have mentioned before but now that the tourist season is about to come upon us these are some places that you really should check out. I know at least 2 have made the top 20 list on our own CapeCodTravel.com and the third should have been there. There are so many good places to go and enjoy that is impossible to list them all. So if you know me and I have not mentioned you or your biz, it is not that I do not like you but time is just not now to make it to my mind to add to the list.
      First on my list I have to mention as I am sitting here eating dark chocolate and drinking a nice glass of Merlot is Chatham Candy Manor in Chatham. If you enjoy good, no no, out of this world home made chocolates than the Candy Manor is a must stop for you. They have a web site CandyManor.com and even if not traveling to the Cape, although they along would be worth it, you can order their chocolates and fudge online and have shipped right to your door or someone you loves door. (Hint, Hint with Mother's Day just a few away). They have everything from Truffles to Out of this world Fudge (and I'm not a big fudge eater), to chocolate covered you name it. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate as well as white chocolate. These folks have been around since 1955 and I can not remember a summer without them.
      Pair your chocolate up with some good wine from Truro Vineyards Winery just up the road, in where else, Truro, Ma. As the summer comes about check their schedules for wine tastings and wine and music nights, and other fun evens. True not all wines are for everyone, but I am pretty sure there is something that you will find to your liking and that will make your taste buds just jump up and down with joy that you have pleasured them with such wonderful tastings. Truro Vineyards, makes wonderful light whites just waiting to be shared with some home caught Cape Cod fish or shellfish, to hearty reds looking for either an enjoyable beef entry or to have as a complement to some Chatham dark chocolate.
      Next on my list of places worthy to make a special trip to is Buckies Biscotti of DennisPort right on RT 28 on the south side of the street. Folks you may have had biscotti before, but if you ain't had Buckies, you ain't had the best yet. The problem is the owner, who will tell you to just call her Bucky, has more than just Biscotti. Yes I said problem, because you can get so caught up with just getting the different kinds of biscotti either plan or half dipped in chocolate that you overlook her Cannoli, and let me tell you about her Cannoli, oh my gawd, and the daughter and daughter in law can not get past the gingerbread boys with chocolate pants. Don't go there, just take it for what it is, the gingerbread whether shaped like a boy or a fish, and partially dipped or whatever in chocolate is like nothing else. Buckies too also has a web site that you can now enjoy her wonderful offerings year round. She has added free Wi-Fi in the store so if your looking for someplace for breakfast to start and plan your day, she has it. And let's not forget her lunch menu of light fair goodies. Buckies is also opening a second shop in HarwichPort, one shop will make the gluten-free goodies while the other makes all the rest, but Bucky tells me both shops will carry both items. So if you have an intolerance don't think Buckies is not for you, oh on the contrare she will have something for you, starting around Memorial Day, stay tuned on the opening date.
      Last place I am going to toss out to you is Cape Cod Beer. Now as chocolate and wine pair so nicely (now Im not saying chocolate and beer do not make a nice match, however keep reading), you have got to try Buckies biscotti and Cape Cod Beer. Who said biscotti was only for tea or bed time. Heck no, but more on that in a few. First it is summer and what better way to help push down a few dozen steamers but with a good Cape Cod Blonde Ale. Light and airy but not short on taste or flavor. Their Indian Pal Ale is also very popular for pairing with many kinds of fried seafood and should not be overlooked. They are great supporters of the Cape Cod Community and have a great little tour. They have just received the ok to sell pints at the brewery as well all this was they are in the process of expanding. It is exciting times at the brewery. Now for Biscotti and Beer, My favorite is to get either the Vanilla Biscotti or Pistachio Biscotti from Buckies or and dunk in Cape Cod Beer's Porter or Amber beers. On my, this is not exclusive to winter or the cooler months. No, no, no my friends this is a year round, every day goodie, no occasion needed other than a time to sit and relax and enjoy something very tasty.
      Well as the song were to say, these are a few of my favorite things, here on Cape Cad, I will have more in the coming weeks, why? Cause these folks are some of the best in the business anywhere, not just Cape Cod but I mean anywhere. I know that each region of the country has some very special things, like Philadelphia Hoggies, New York CheeseCake, Napa Valley in California. But I'm tell you folk, these places can do more than just hold a candle to these other places. So come and enjoy and support, and if you live here, get there before the crowds do and than after they have gone. But shame on you if you have not tried these yet, you need to.
      Any-who, the clock on the wall tells me it is time to wrap this puppy up for now, have a wonderful Happy, Happy especially if you are able to do it on the Cape. I will check the oil in the lighthouse lamp and be sure it is filled to the brim, I will clean the lens and trim the wick so that the beacon will shine out its brightest, and one more test of the fog horn just in case. So what are you waiting for, we're ready, what about you? Come and get it, and I hope you come expecting great things to experience and taste while here on Cape Cod. Have an absolutely great and wonderful and until next time...remember to have that Happy, Happy.
      Well I have done some looking trying to see if Baked beans where done any different from oven to slow cooker/Crock-Pot. And basically most modern recipes give the option for doing either in the oven or in a crock pot. Of course the main benefit to doing it in a crock pot or slow cooker is you can put them on it the morning turn it on and go to work. Than come home to a house filled with wonderful smells that just blow your socks off. The prep time is the basically if not the same and home made is so much better that canned baked beans, so sorry poor doggie. And for some reason there always seems to be something missing or too much when it comes out of a can, even to try to "doctor" it up is not the same as good old fashioned home made. So, hope you enjoy this base recipe, as most take and do with it what you want. Take from, add to, substitute for, you name it, just do it and enjoy something that can truly become your own little favorite. So with all that now on with the show,,

      This weeks recipe: Crock-Pot Baked Beans

      1      can      pork and beans - 3 pd can
      1      cup      dark brown sugar
  2/3      cup      pure maple syrup
  1/2      cup      cup catsup
      1      large   onion chopped
      1       pd       bacon chopped - I prefer maple or apple cured
      1      Tbs      Worcestershire

      Spray the bottom of your crock with non-stick spray, or use a slow cooker bag, this will drastically help save time when it comes to clean up later on. Combine all ingredients in the crock pot, turn on to low and allow to simmer away for 8-10 hours.  

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