After 5 Beach Time & Cheese Straws

      Another beautiful day and after work it was time to hit the beach again. Clear skies, and just about 80 degrees, low humidity and after 5:00 and less that a handful of people on the beach. The wind was a little breezy but the sand was not blowing so let the wind blow, and the water, was wonderful I ended up in and out several times in the next hour and a quarter with time out to just enjoy the views and relax. One of the times I was in the water I noticed fairly decent size bird flying off the coast at about 50 to 75 feet off the water. I wasn't sure what it was but I know it was not a Gull or Loon but he was looking for something when out of the blue he tucked his wings and nose dived into the sea. A moment later he came out with a pretty nice size fish, something I would not have minded putting on my dinner plate. The fish was large enough that he could only get off the water about 10 to 20 feet and flue off. About 15 to 20 minutes later he was back, I got home and finally figured out I had been watching an Osprey. He was beautiful and the underside was glistening in the evening sun accented by the dark outline on his wings and body. The longer I watched him the more he intrigued me, and I enjoyed just watching him dive and climb and sore. What a time to wish I had the camera I have been trying to buy. Oh well.
      As I was starting to gather my things up, a group of Sand Pipers came on the beach. I have been fancied by these cute little birds for some time. I find them funny to watch as they will as a group all run down to the waters edge, peck away at the freshly exposed sand and as soon as the water starts to come back up the beach they collectively run back up to keep there feet dry. They kind of remind me of little kids who are curious about the water but are afraid to get their feet wet. The Sand Pipers started at one end of the beach and would work it for a few minutes than all at once run down a few yards to the next area and do the same thing. Eventually they got to the next jetty and like a well directed orchestra they all at once took flight just enough to get over the rocks then start the dance all over again going down the next stretch of beach. You just want to look and laugh as they work the beach up and down and from end to end. It was a grand way to end a long day stuck in the home office in front of a computer screen.
      Business report, I normally like to stick with local folks that live, work and play right here on Cape Cod. The first two however I have to share. They are part of the traveling summer craft shower that go from one end of the Cape to the other and back. The first our family has bought, devoured, been stollen from and just down right fallen in love with the name of this crafter is Bistro Blends, Gourmet Oils and Vinegars of New England. Now that is one thing I like is although he is not on Cape Cod he is New England. This guy has some of the best dipping oils in a variety that are outstanding. He offers singles, and multiple packs at a discount. Find him at an upcoming craft show or find him at
      The second crafter is also a New Englander from New Hampshire. Creations Frumdawoods. This guy does hand caved wooden Kitchen Utensils, Bowls and other Treasures "from the woods." The thing that really stuck out to me with this crafter was his prices. He had nice hand carved goods at a price that I did not feel like I had to sell my pots and pans to afford. So many that I have crossed with are just so our of my price pocket I could never think about them. And I don't like buying things that either look cheap or are cheaply made. This guy has caught my attention and you should check this one out. Website is
      Now back to my local plugs, The first was found at The Lions Club craft show in DennisPort this past weekend. Little did I know she has a shop right on RT 28 right across from Buckies Biscotti in DennisPort. The name of the shop is called Sodium, she has hand crafted furniture, home decors and gifts. The has a local studio so if you don't see exactly what you want, let her know and she can work with you to custom make it for you. She is open year round, and you can find her on the web at
      Last for this week is a place I have fallen in love with and the owner is a really cool person and very down to earth. Now with 2 shops to serve the masses and hungry. What other than Buckies Biscotti, In DennisPort and now open in HarwichPort, both on RT 28. Both Open at 6:30, DennisPort closes at 6:30 and the HarwichPort closes seasonally at 9:30 Thursday - Sunday. Check on hours after the season slows down. If you think she is only yummy Biscottis you would be gravely mistaken. This shop is a wonderful place for breakfast and if you are still hungry stick around for lunch. She has a wonderful selection. Now remember hand crafted food is not fast but it is quality food so allow a few minutes if you are getting a great sandwich, morning or afternoon. She has outrageous Cannolis and if her Rolls and Danishes are to die for. And if you need a special occasion that you need quantities or a special cake, she is your answer. When you stop in, let her know you read about her from the CapeCod Rockhopper, no, no discount but a good laugh if nothing else. Also if you need free Wi-Fi DennisPort has it,, the HarwichPort shop is working on it.
      Ok time to wrap this one up,, make a check on ye ole Lighthouse, fill up the oil tank, trim up the wick and clean the lens. As we close out July need to be sure that the beacon is shinning out brightly for this last big push. Reminding those that have been here of the good times they have had and reaching out hope to those yet to come. I hope you all are having a wonderful summer and good health has been with you. Until we meet, may everyday be fantastic, especially if you can enjoy it right here on ole Cape Cod.
      This week's recipe is a bonus week, which means it's appetizer week. So I dug into my church books and found this little gem that is sure to put a smile on just about anyone's face. Ya I know, you can please some of the people some of the time but you can please all the people all the time. For those folks there alcohol to wash it down with, no, no, no just kidding, hum, or am I. Anyway If you have every had them and wanted to give them a try yourself, here is a really simple and easy recipe to make your own. So break out the salsa, chips, dip and you guessed it cheese stick and we are ready to start the party. Remember football season is coming up fast and you will put this recipe to good use if you hold or attend any parties. So now on with the show,

      This week's recipe: Cheese Straws

  •       1       pound     sharp cheddar cheese, grated
  •       1       stick         butter
  •       Place these two ingredients together and allow butter to soften. (some suggest overnight, you decide)
  •       Then mix with
  •       2       cups         sifted flour
  •       1       tspn          salt

      Now at this point there are a couple different ways to turn them into straws, the first is to get a star shaped cake tip or baking tip and put into the bottom of a piping bag or in the bottom of a plastic baggie. Fill the bag with the mixture and then pipe onto a cookie sheet in short straws and back at 325-350 until brown. The other way is to do without a piping tip, and put mixture right into a plastic sandwich bag, snip a small hole at one of the corners and pipe a short line to form straws. bake at 400 degrees until brown. The rounder and smoother the edges us the higher temperatures. The more ridges use the lower temps. Once brown remove from oven and allow to cool and serve. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on