Autumn's Changing Season & Raspberry Delight

      Well, the seasons by the calendar have officially changed and we are full into autumn. Weather still has not made up it's mind and I am waiting for the leaves to change. It's times like this that I really wish I had a couple of kayaks to take out on some of the ponds and lakes and go leaf peeping. But will just have to find another way to enjoy looking for the changing leaves like on nice nature walk through some of our conservation areas. We have so many within 7 miles of my home that I can not even begin to hit them all. The other thing that I am so happy about is we finally got the green light that soft shell season will start in 2 weeks, I am so psyched about getting fresh steamers I can not wait and my taste buds are already salivating.
      The days are getting much shorter quickly and I am looking to grab as much time outside while I can. The last couple of years I have learned that once the sunlight goes, it is not much past, than the store hours really change and all I have is the weekends to get out and shop. Normal folk like myself work during the daylight hours which is when the year round stores are only open. But I understand and will start to plan for the fall and winter festival and craft shows to make the best use of time between football games.
      I't times like this that remembering the summers of years gone by that really start to flood the mind. With care free days, and no schedules. Not having to work or worry about paying the bills or where my next meal was going to come from. Remembering running across empty end of summer beaches bare foot and fancy free, even as a teenager. The last days before the long travel back to reality and school, and assignments, and learning music for marching band and the list goes on. I had a wonderful child hood and youth, and much to be happy about and celebrate. I had parents who loved me and provided way beyond what they should have but never outside of their means. And the Cape was one of those special places that will always hold a spot in my mind with my family. Living here now, does reflect a lot of those times, being able to go to the beach whenever, walking the small towns and visiting the shops on the weekends and enjoying all the fresh seafood I can catch, (heaven knows I can afford to buy it.) I still remember, Dad and I going out about once a week to play a round of golf together or going out fishing together and so long for those days to be with my Dad doing those things. At 87 and having rotor cuff issues golf is not in his picture any long, and living almost 800 miles away I can not just pop in the car and be there in 3 hours to see him. And fishing, well, Dad took me so I could have the experience not because it was something he loved to do. But all through my growing up the shared what they have of money and time so that I could have a wonderful memory of places and things done together right here on Cape Cod.
      Autumn means there is a change in seasons coming, but it is also a good time to take a look back and remember all the wonderful past years and experiences you have had here on Cape Cod with family, friends and others. You may not be able to do all the things you used to, but you can always cherish the memories. I hope that this has sparked a thought or two of your own and that you take the time to share them with a loved one. This is such a beautiful place, remember it often and live it to the max if you can every day. Here is to ole Cape Cod, any season of the year. I'll go check on ye old lighthouse and make sure the tank is full, the lens is clean and the wick trimmed. Stay the course and keep the hope alive to share with the future. Have a great and wonderful every day, especially if you can do it right here on wonderful old Cape Cod.
      This weeks business is a restaurant review. We are always on the lookout for good grub at a reasonable price and open year round. I have to say this is a fun little place that has been around for a few years. They have one main eatery and one seasonal, and for as many times we have passed it and had never gone in. Not any more and we will going back, the name Guapo's Tortilla Shack in Orleans, located in the Staples Plaza off 6A. They are open 11am - 9pm daily. They are not really a full style Mexican, but they deem themselves as a Baja/CaliMex style food, with more California Baja infused Mexican. Ok so were it is the seafood in this? We're on the Cape and you are only suppose to eat seafood I thought. Are yo kidding? Man or Woman, does not live by seafood alone and one must mix it up to keep life and stomach and wallet happy. This is a wonderful little place that is fun to go to and excellent fresh made food with special all the time. Check them out at then go check out the grub and give your stomach something to smile about. They also have a seasonal shack on Underpass road across from the Post Office and next to the Rail-Trail Bike Path. You wont be sorry fi you like good Cali-Mex food, great portions for a reasonable price. Hope you enjoy.
      Well time to make the rounds of the lighthouse grounds, make sure all is in order, doors are closed, and windows battened shut. It's been awhile but with the beginning of autumn time to give old foggy a blast to two to be sure she is in good working condition. Then up the winding staircase to the lantern room, to clean off the lenses and trip the wick so it is able to burn at it's brightest. On the way down I stop off and be sure the tanks are full of oil, as we do not need to run out in the middle of night or worse an emergent need. So keep your eyes on the horizon and watch for that beacon of hope and always move forward in it's safety. So until that time when we meet again be safe, have hope, have a wicked cool happy, happy, especially if you can do it right here on Ole Cape Cod.
      This recipe is another quick and each and does not take forever to make, and is transferable to other flavors. This delight is a great way to finish an everyday meal, and then later on as a snack. I have been a big fan of dessert jellos ever since I was a kid and bill enjoy them till the day I die. Hope you enjoy this one and try taking it to new directions and levels of tasty fun. Now on with the show,

      This week's recipe: Raspberry Delight Salad

  •       2      pkgs     raspberry Jello
  •       2      cups     boiling water
  •       1      can       applesauce
  •       1      tsp        lemon juice
  •       2      pkgs     frozen raspberries

      Dissolve Jello in hot water; add frozen raspberries and applesauce. Stir until berries are thawed. Pour into 9 X 13 pan and let set.


  •       1      cup       sour cream
  •       1      each      marshmallows cut up

      Mix and let stand overnight. Whip and spread on top of Jello. Service. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on