Summer Look Back & Coconut Pound Cake

Well I hope your summer is going well, and if you have had a chance to get to the Cape I hope it was during one of the rocking weeks of good weather we have had. Then again even a bad day on the Cape is better than any other day anywhere else, or so we who live here think. If you are still on the waiting list to get here, or you are waiting till after Labor Day, we are still looking forward to having you. I remember the day when we switched from starting school the Tuesday after Labor Day to a week to 10 days before labor day. But my Dad had already contracted to take the month of August off and did not feel the need to change. So the last couple or so years of high school, as it was starting I would here on the Cape, basking in the sun on the beach or on the sunfish we had access to sailing the coast between Bass River entrance and Wychmere Harbor. All I wanted was to stay here permanently, but knew there was coming the day I had to go back to central Ohio. Yes I lived in a fantasy world to some degree, than on others my mother would not let me sleep in till noon, I still needed to practice my trumpet, I still needed to be reading and there were other things she keep me doing that kept some of my skills that I needed working. Good thing, cause I was an A & M kind of person and that was not Agriculture or Military, it was Arts & Music. And without my Mothers patients and continued prodding I probably would have flunked out of school. But she did not give up on me and my Dad supported my artistic side even when he did not agree. I loved to draw and paint, and music was my being. So even on vacation I was looking to the artists here on the Cape for help and acknowledgement, and I was always looking to improve my music. So when I ended up going back to school all my music was memorized even the solo parts and I was blessed to be able to sit first chair in a very large band. What some saw as a teachers pet, they did not know the hours of work I put into things when I was away and I earned every first chair I sat in. But I loved it, and relished in it, and as each day on the Cape passed I wanted this place more and more. It only took me 32 years later, and I'm here. My point to all this as kids, encourage them, root them on, support them, don't over push them, and even if it is not what you thought was what you wanted for them give them room. Whether that is music, arts, engineering, agriculture, medicine and the list goes on. Give them someplace to cultivate their thinking and help shape them in to model and productive citizens not wondering nomads of irresponsibility thinking that they are owned anything from anyone. And help them see as much of this land as you can afford, and teach them that as well, living within your means, and may the Cape be a small if not a large part of that experience. Today, I'm not rich by U.S. standards but I am rich to have a roof over my head, food in my stomach and sand Cape Cod sand under my fee. May you find your dreams and may you help those around you do the same. May a safe and wonderful rest of your summer especially if you can do it right here on old Cape Cod.     
      Time for a business report, this week I want to start with the a newer restaurant Sea Dog Brew Pub located at 23 Whites Path, South Yarmouth, MA 02664 or on line at Have to tell you this has been one of the better newer places to open up. They are located on the corner of White Path and Station Ave in the Stop and Shop plaza where the Ardeo's used to be right off Rt 6 Exit 8. This place is alive and fun to be at. The food is excellent, so far we have had burgers, fried ravioli, wings, Cobb salad, southwestern salad, Hawaiian Chicken pizza. Ya we have already been there too much. They have a Mug Club that has all kinds extras attached to it, (there is a charge for this but well worth it, looking forward to joining after payday). If you are a visitor it's a great place that will not break the bank, and for year rounders it's a place to get away to any night of the week, and they have nightly specials that you just cant beat. Have I said enough, oh yah and wicked good beer with flights available. Go, try and I think you will keep going back. 
      Next is Kaledoscop Siver & Glass. Find them at or at a craft show near you both here on Cape Cod and in Sarasota, Florida. I have said before sometimes its just best to lift their about us an so I have: About them goes as: Here at Kaleidoscope Silver, we’ve been creating beautiful jewelry since  1972.  That’s right – and now we are a two generation business. Owned by Patricia Daley ( a noted stained glass craftsman and author) she introduced  her companion Stanley Ferro to the craft in 2014.  Her parents . the Wymans, have come out of 'retirement' to join them on the bench. And so you have four different  influences in sterling silver jewelry to choose from. * In spring of 2016, we expanded our  inventory to include recycled bottle lanterns suitable for outdoor/indoor use. See our new webpage featuring  the many designs we offer. *  We’ve been lucky enough to be able to  do craft shows on Cape Cod, Mass. in summertime and Sarasota, Florida area in the winter. * Items shown on these pages are available as well and  are a partial representation of our large inventory available at craft shows. Bottle lanterns are always in stock and custom orders are accepted. *  Like and Follow us on Facebook as Kaleidoscope Silver and Glass! Check their Show Schedule to find out which show they are at on any given weekend through October 21 & 22. 
      Well, it's time for another installment from our very own local lighthouse keeper: Well hello friends, how ya'll doing? Me? Well thank you for asking, I'm doin' might fine if I don't say so myself. Been sleepin' well with those great summer breezes blowin off the ocean waters, and eatin' like there's no tomorrow with all that wonder bounty coming in out of that same ocean. Although I will say I stay away from the Quahogs this time of year. For some reason I enjoy them coming out of the cooler waters of fall and winter than from the warmer summer waters. Nothing like eatin' cold bi-values on the half shell still dripping with the water you pulled them out of. Oh, but I guess you were looking more for an update on how things are going on around here. So what can I say for the middle of August. I have not seen a slow down yet with the number of folks coming round. Although I have heard they are startin' the kiddies back to school a lot earlier these days. A shame if you ask me, the kids need time to get away from the books and do some real life exploring, exercise, adventuring. I know that with both the parents now days feeling the necessity to work, just to keep up with the Jones'. But I am one of them old timers who still believes that summer is for physical learning and not so much book learning. And having you folks bringing your youngins and not so youngins out here to let them learn about the old gal herself the Lighthouse, Her history, her stories, the lives that have passed through this station house and about the lives that have been save by the men and women who have served this Life Station, and now Coast Guard Post over the years. From whalers to freighters, from fishing to frigates, and from canoes to ocean liners. They get out of those stuffy class rooms and into realities class room. I'm getting on my soapbox again aren't I? Sorry about that folks. It's just when I see these kids getting excited about so much that goes on around here and want to be part of it, I can't help it. So I guess you figured out what I have been doing, and loving every minute of it. Never get tired of seeing the kids, young and old, 2 feet 7 to 7 feet 2, although that one was kindda funny seeing trying to go up that winding old staircase. I think I counted at least 7 times that poor boy hit his head and not much better coming down. Anywho, guess I been yakking your ear off long enough. I've heard the fog is suppose to be getting bad over the next week or so, so keep your eyes open for that beacon light and make sure you safe gettin' home. Thanks for comin' back round and hope to see you again, or real soon whichever applies for you at this time of year. And if it works out I hope you have a most wonderful, wonderful right here on ole Cape Cod.   
      So another summer month and the need for something very beachy for dessert. What better than something that is very coconutty and something that would transport to the beach very easily for a snack or for a dessert beach party. I have reached into the depths of my church recipe cookbook collections, and again the Baptists have pulled it off. As I have said before when it's blessed it's gotta be the best, and the best have been bless by the Baptist. LOL. Ok, ok, honestly, not to many any denominations cookbooks have I been disappointed in, but remember my daddy's a Baptist preacher so I have to be true. OK hope all took that tongue in cheek as it was mean. Now on with the show and hope you enjoy, honestly this pound cake can go just about any season for any occasion it's that good. 
      This week's recipe: Coconut Pound Cake
   3/4      Lb          butter
      2      cups      sugar 
      2      cups      flour
      6                    eggs
      7      oz          coconut flake
      1      tsp         vanilla (the real please)
      1      cup       sugar
   1/2      cup       water
      1      tsp        almond flavoring
      Cream butter and sugar. Add 1 cup flour and mix well. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing in well. Mix remaining cup of flour with coconut and add to cake mixture. Add vanilla. Place in a 9 - inch tube pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 60 to 75 minutes until cake begins to pull away from sides of pan. Turn from pan and glaze while hot. 
      Glaze: While cake is baking, combine glaze ingredients, Simmer for 10 minutes. Brush onto wrong side of warm cake. Let cake cool. Best served 24 hrs after baking. welcomes thoughtful comments and the varied opinions of our readers. We are in no way obligated to post or allow comments that our moderators deem inappropriate. We reserve the right to delete comments we perceive as profane, vulgar, threatening, offensive, racially-biased, homophobic, slanderous, hateful or just plain rude. Commenters may not attack or insult other commenters, readers or writers. Commenters who persist in posting inappropriate comments will be banned from commenting on