Weird Weather 2018 & an Italian Surfer Cocktail

      Long week, weird weather, and just ready for spring and warmer weather. What can I say? The Cape, the South Shore, oh heck the entire New England area has see it extra weird this year with the weather. From wicked snows to unreal high tides with flooding to winds out the hoo-haa. I am just ready for some good old light winds, sunshine filled skies and a few weekends left for clamming. I think that is what stinks the most is you can dig for clams in this crap and with the beaches being eaten away so go the shellfish. Well with spring on its way maybe it's time I just get over the shellfishing and start looking forward to fishing season. Well with all this weather and a host of other things going on I am just going to say, if you re reading this be thankful you have electricity and that you are most likely someplace warm and dry. Just keep us folk here on Cape Cod in your prayers, especially those folks right along the coast line. I am lucky that I am inland enough that the high water lines do not effect me. But we just have to deal with rest of life, and help our friends out whenever we can in the lower lands. Have a great week where ever you are and as soon as the weather breaks come on out and visit us here on ole Cape Cod. 

      I have a couple special evens going on right up from, first my friends over at Guapo's Tortilla Shack in Orleans on 6A  has got it going on first check out their Loyalty program there is so much going on. Second, if you enjoy Tequila check out the Tequila Trail, now through May 15th you try the Tequila you can earn free tacos. Now that is something I can drink to. and third they have got St Patricks day happenings going on March 17th. You have got to get over there and check it out. And stay in touch with their web page and facebook page for Tequila tastings these are fun fun fun and a great way to check out different Tequilas. Website is
      Next would be my friends at Kappy's Liquors in Hyannis on Iyannough Rd has two happenings going on this month. First on St Patricks day from 2pm - 4pm an Irish Whiskey tasting. This is a time to try out different Irish Whiskeys and a time to make some new friends. Second will be a week later March 24 and they are calling it March Madness Beerfest, you guessed it from 2pm - 5pm. Beer tastings, here again, I like to try different things before I sink money into a six or twelve pack only to find out that at I really don't care for that taste. This will help give you an idea of what is out there that you might like that you did not know about. Hope you see you there at both events. This group is really making a statement here on the Cape and in a good way. Come see all they have to offer. 
      Have you seen all the restaurants opening up, Cooks Seafood in Hyannis is not open, Kream N Kone in West Dennis at the corner of 134 and 28, Seafood Sam's in South Yarmouth on Rt 28 and in Hyannis the Black Cat is now open. WOW what can we say to all this good food opening up and as we get closer to Spring more and more will be opening. Some feel the need to diet to eat me I'm always on a seefood diet, I see food and I die for it. Get out early and enjoy these wonderful eateries before the snowbirds start coming back and definitely before the summer crowds take over. I will try to keep mentioning those places that are opening up that I like to follow and even a few extra, so stay tuned. And please don't forget our year round friends that kept us going when all the rest closed down, like Kelly's on 134, Grumpy's, Celtic Kitchen, El Rodeo's, one of my favorite's Doyle's in South Yarmouth, Red Nun in Dennis Port  and Jason's Tavern in Patriot Square South Dennis. Wow are we ever blessed with so may good places. I hope you can get out there and enjoy all that is there to be offered.  
      Well hello all, and before any of you say a word of accusation, no I did not bring back the bad weather cause if any weather would have followed me back from Florida it would have been filled with sunshine and temperatures would be above 75. And to top it off while coming home this past Friday they almost did not let us onto the Cape, as the winds were so strong that not long after we cross over they closed the it down, now have heard the winds were gusting just a bit above 90 mph. But we made it back to the station safe and sound and only to find out that the generator had not kicked on to the living quarters. But in the lovely wind blown rainy stuff I was able to get that guppy going and we were able to get some lights on and the heat turned up. I took a stroll up the tower to the lamp room to see how it was fairing and really got an eye full of what was going on out on the high seas. The lamp itself was going well and the boys from the guard did a good job keeping it clean and tight, so even though the winds were howling like a demon on a mission to take down a 6 masted schooner she was dry as a bone. What I saw though was enough to send a chill up and down my spine, Although we are set well off the cliffs, as we had to move it back several years ago and they did a good job at that, The water line was higher up on the dunes than I have seen for some time. We made it through that night, and the regular electric did not come back on till someone Monday. I finally was able to get out to the edge of the cliffs and view the damage up closer. There is a lot of erosion here, and I have hear that there are some homes up and down the coast line that are not in good condition. Also heard about Liam's over on Nauset being taken out by the waters. WOW gonna really miss those onion rings, they were great. I guess now is to give another week of so and see what really happens when things settle down. I have seen the fleets starting to head back out the past day or so although the waters are still pretty angry. But the captains are not making any money sitting in the harbor, so they have go to get out there. We will keep them in our prayers for safe returns. Well, I know I did not talk much about my trip to Florida but I felt that talking about must getting back and whats going on around here was more important. I think, if I am right that Easter is the beginning of April and that is when we start opening on the weekends so. So these next couple weeks are going to be busy and if this reporter kid keeps coming around I'm gonna put him to work. We need to put some meat on his bones and fill him out a bit LOL. Anyway I hope all you are getting back to normalcy and that you are cleaning up and drying out. As we spring forward our clocks this weekend I hope that the warmth of the sun and the cool of the sand can be felt all over this wonderful place we call old Cape Cod. See you soon, and good to be home. 
      Ok this is one of those recipes that comes in 3 of 4 different variations. I first found the one using cranberry juice in it, however the more I looked the less I found using cranberry juice in it. I was wondering why they did not rename the cocktail to the Cape Cod Surfer or the Italian Cape Cod Surfer. But the base is the same, where some specify liquor brand name others just mix it up a bit. So I will give you 2 recipes one with the cranberry juice and the generic rest. Anyway you go, if you like rum and amaretto then your going to like this recipe whichever way it goes. So before we start getting too far off the path let's get this show on the road. 
      Recipe of the week: 1) Cape Cod Italian Surfer Cocktail
      1      oz      coconut rum
      1      oz      amaretto
      2      oz      pineapple juice
      2      oz      cranberry juice
              maraschino cherry to garnish
      To a shaker with ice add all ingredients except cherry and shake vigorously. Then strain into a Collins or Highball glass over ice. Finally garnish with maraschino cherry.
      Recipe of the week; 2) Italian Surfer (more conventional recipe)
      1      oz      coconut rum
      1      oz      amaretto
      2      oz      pineapple juice
      Pour all ingredients into a Highball glass filled with ice and stir to mix. 
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