Living Life on Cape Cod & Honey Pear Crisp

     There are some weeks that come easier than others, then there are weeks like this that are just plain exhausting. Since the first of the year I have been blessed to work many hours of overtime in my job, and although it is a computer based job the thinking end of it just wipes me out, also sitting for extended hours is not that great for a post back surgical  condition. Ya, ya, ya I know it is great thought to get up every 20 or 30 minutes, but production is money and money is the name of the game. And for those of us who have worked so much overtime over the past years have come to a point of depending on it, vs being able to put it ahead. That was great the first year or two but after 25 to 30 of it you take it just like part of your regular pay. I have a contractor friend of mine who observed me one day and after wards he was talking about the differences in fatigue. He told me he would take his any day of the week as when he gets done work, he is done and after a hot shower or bath can sit down and relax and recoup. Seeing me, he asks if my mind ever really shuts down and truth be told no. To which he said that was his point. So as you see, if you live on the Cape, you are not alone in having to "work" for a living. You are not alone having to put in the long hours to make it. But we still love being part of this place, but I would prefer it be in the high 50s to mid-60s. For those of you who think living on the Cape is all play, well this is a reality check that many of us are just as much of a working stiff as you are. We have bills to pay and mouths to feed, and mortgages to meet. The only difference is we get the smell salt air, feel the sand under our feet and enjoy the scenery of the Cape every minute of every day. Ok so that is a big deal LOL. But really? Life goes on and we all have our jobs to do and find a way to push through another day. I hope you find your own rest and peace form day to day and are able to come visit us soon. And to those who live here, know you are not alone in your daily routine, but we can say we get to enjoy life, right here on old Cape Cod. 
      This week's local business report will focus more on Honey this week than any thing else. Places where you can get and and folks who make. The Cape with it's abundance of Cranberry bogs and, beach plums, and other local vegetation makes it a prime spot for the bees to live and do their bee things, which includes for the most part, making honey. But first I have an update on a newer business I reported on just a couple weeks ago, Shoal Hope Ciderworks out of the Provincetown. They have made a wicked awesome announcement that as of March 8th they will be opening a taproom within Cape Cod Beer. That is right folks starting March 8th our good friends at Cape Cod Beer will be helping our Shoal Hope Ciderworks with some space to pour the hard cider. So go and check him out and, this stuff is wicked awesome. This makes a great pairing as in my house the Mrs is not an enjoyer of beer, but loves hard cider, while for me cider is a good change up to my love for beer. Yaah to both. 
      Now on to a very sweet subject, honey producers of Cape Cod, here again I am going to be giving a list of makers and if I have an any cross-references I will put with on where to find. Now on with the show:
      E & T Farms in West Barnstable -
      Punkhorn Farm in Brewster - on facebook
      Not Enough Acres Farms in Dennis - on Sesuit Neck Rd.
      Eldridge Farm in Brewster -
      Rocky Bottum Apiaries in East Sandwich - on Old Country Rd
      Narrow Land Farm in East Sandwich - on Gully Lane
      Cedar Spring Herb Farm in Harwich -
      Little Pamet Farm in Truro -
      Longnook Meadows Farms in Truro -
      Bee Boss Honey Co in Harwich -
      Little River Beeworks in Cotuit -
      Crow Farm in Sandwich -
      Ok that's it and this does not even start to scratch the surface of the small Mom/Pop yard sale folks that are putting out some very good products. So where ever you are driving around the Cape keep your eyes open for that wonderful golden deliciousness known as honey. 
      Well hello my friends, how are you holding up with this yo-yo weather of ours. I have heard reports of the flue bug going around and pray you have stayed away from it. This time of year with the number of people down, and the full interior tours down that helps us stay away from a lot of you that have to work in offices and out in the public, especially if you are around a lot of kids. But it is what it is and we deal with it. The wind has been our enemy, and this past several days has just been wicked. Wind can be just as damaging as the waves can be and since last time we had a super snow moon which did add an extra dimension to the tides. These super moons always scare me, most would think high tides are the biggest threat, to me low tides are with unseen sandbars or changes in channels showing up where they have not been before or due to the super lows are now exposed. Fortunately I did not hear of any issues around the cape, although the high winds also helped to keep the questionables in where they belong. As far as what else is going on around here, we are getting a lot of the repairs done that we do every year this time, and I am having to make up for last year being away from this place. Yes I will admit it was nice to get away for a bit, but I think next time it will be much shorter time. The lamp room has held her own so far and we have not had many issues with extra critters. Although this year I have not spotted any of my Snowy Owl friends who have not been shown up as they have in the past years. I have heard there has been one or two sightings and a couple more out one the Islands but not so much here. I have had a couple visit us right up outside the lamp room. So that is the excitement of the week around here. I hope you are starting to make your plans to come to the Cape this summer and come visit us. But for now, the sun is getting low and I still need to finish a few projects so keep warm, stay healthy and just have fun living life, especially if you can do it right here on Old Cape Cod.   
      Since it is still cooler weather season, Ok cold season I wanted to go with a more hearty fruit for the dessert of the month and something that was not a common but still simple to make. Crisps and Crumbles fit that equation very well. So we all have heard of Apple Crisp, Peach, Cherry, and Berry Crisps but Pears sometimes get the short end of the stick because some think they lack taste. I like them because they have great taste and are not harsh to work with. So bring it on for a Honey Pear Crisp.
      This week's recipe: Honey Pear Crisp
      5      cups      pears, diced, Anjous or Bosc
    1/3     tbsp       fresh lemon juice
    1/2     cups      honey
      1      tbsp       cornstarch
   3/4      tsp         cinnamon
   1/4      tsp         nutmeg
              pinch      salt

      For the Topping
   3/4      cup      white whole wheat or all-purpose flour
   2/3      cup      quick oats
   1/3      cup      brown sugar
      1      tsp       cinnamon
   1/8      tsp       salt
   1/3      cup      butter, cold and cut into pieces
      Preheat oven to 350. Lightly spray or grease an 9x9 inch baking dish. Combine lemon juice, honey and pinch of salt together in a bowl. Toss dices pear pieces to lightly coat. Sprinkle cornstarch, cinnamon and nutmeg over pears. Gently stir to coat. In a separate bowl whisk together flour, oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, and salt. Cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Pour filling into baking dish then sprinkle on topping. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until filling is bubbly and topping is golden brown. Allow to cool slightly before serving warm.
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