America's getting screwed by GOP prejudice!

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So Pat Toomey, tattled on his fellow Senate Republicans by blowing his hollow whistle on why they did not vote for background checks – they did not want to vote for Obama. But then went on to point out that - Obama is divisive. To vote against background checks was a vote against 85% of all Americans, because Americans want background checks.‎...Cached
Eighty-six percent of Americans support strengthening background checks for guns in some way, according to an ORC/CNN poll released Wednesday. Requ…‎Cached
Apr 18, 2013 – Polls show that Americans "overwhelmingly" support "expanding background checks." Gabrielle Giffords on Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 in an ...‎Cached
Feb 7, 2013 – (Reuters) - More than 90 percent of U.S. voters supported background checks for all gun buyers, while much smaller majorities were for stricter…

Maybe voting against the best interests of most Americans will come back to haunt the GOP racists:

Two More Senators Poisoned By 'No' Vote On Background Checks hours ago – As evidence continues to mount that the U.S. Senate's sabotage of the Toomey/Manchin background check bill could come back to haunt to haunt those…

Obama is as divisive as an Orthodox Jew living next door to Hitler who continues to endeavor to befriend the Fuhrer.

So what’s up with another vote against Obama; Toomey’s big news and the big story of the week? Correct me if I am wrong but, is this not the same group, led by the Teaparty, that announced from the first day of Our President’s 1st term in office that they intended to do everything possible to ruin his 1st term by voting against anything he proposed. The GOP new philosophy was stop Obama from being elected to a 2nd term.

All of Obama’s – the President of the United States of America’s - proposals for we the people have been met with negative votes from the GOP, which has become the Party of Prejudice; which is a long way from the party of Lincoln.

American Citizens are paying Teapublicans to get screwed because the GOP-Teaparty will not vote for the best interests of the vast majority of Americans, if for no other reason than they are against a black man (biracial man) sleeping in the White House of their Christian Nation.

Don’t forget the blockade of Congress, termed Congressional Gridlock, is brought to you by the Teapublican Christian American Nation as proclaimed by the rigid zealot pre-Dark Age creationist thinkers who prefer to filibuster rather than vote for the public good. And Teapublicans claim to be Christians who believe in the teachings of Jesus?

So Congress is in gridlock? That’s the way our nonpartisan about truth media describes the continuing Teapublican votes against whatever Obama proposes funding or fixing– like: Head Start for children; school breakfast and lunch programs for impoverished American children living with gnawing hunger every day; food stamps for the poor; medical research; jobs bills to address massive aging infrastructure danger; increasing the minimum wage; eliminating tax laws gone awry which have been responsible for a sea shift in wealth to the wealthiest; increased funding for public education; Obama care for the 47M Americans without any health insurance – it’s a long list. And Toomey explained that Republicans would not vote for background checks because that’s what Obama wanted. Big f—king news! Hurray for Toomey, what a grand gesture, truth telling; but check out how often he has voted in Teapublican lockstep against Obama.

One more time; Toomey, in a rare moment of candor, a staunch member of the Blockaders of the Public Good revealed that his cohort Tea publicans have steadfastly voted against Obama. Wow, how I admire his admission of GOP collective guilt, because the GOP has screwed the best interests of we the people since the day Obama took office - which has not abated now that he is in his 2nd term.

This empirical evidence of racism is self-evident.

How is it not treason to perversely and persistently subvert the public good of the citizens of the United States from within by blockading Congress – because the President is divisive? Put these anti Americans under oath, and then indict them for lying to the American people and the Press. Ask them if the Sequester is beginning to hurt and why they can’t make some common sense? Then try them for all the lies and fabricated, cover up excuses.

When the public good is under attack the ability of the United States to function effectively is under attack. When the best interests of a huge majority of all Americans is not at the forefront of Congressional concerns you have a divided nation which is clearly not the way to run a country.

When a country is in gridlock due to the infiltration of the religious wrong, who rely on prejudice, ignorance and creationist pre-Dark Age ideas and ideals you have a screwed up Nation. Clearly that is what a Christian Nation means, so now it imperative to return to the wisdom and foresight of our founding fathers who knew from personal experience that it was critical to the survival and future of their foundling country to separate the church from the state.

The President is divisive, because race divides those who are prejudiced from their fellow human beings. The Teapublican, Red State prejudice adversely impacts on all Americans, just as prejudice has always ruined any society that allows it to exist.

This time 85% of all Americans agree on background checks; so maybe, even Republican voters will get this message and get rid of the Teapublicans who don’t have a clue about what it means to represent 99% of American people – we the people who pay them to shaft us.

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