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Quahog Hunting for the Best Stuffie at Roche Bros.

Markets have come a long way and provide us with good hearty meals when we are on the go and one of my favorite places to get soup or a  tasty lunch to go is Roche Bros in Mashpee on Route 28. A visit to the back end of the store will leave you finding it hard to make a decision and comtemplating a good spot to enjoy your choosen feast. On a visit one friday I found stuffed quahogs at their hot bar and decided to try one. Prepared by the Roche Bros kitchen, it was a savory buttery herb stuffing with lots of clam bites. It was just under $4 and my only regret was that I didn't buy more. If you are ever in Mashpee give them a chance and you might find more than just quahogs calling your name.

Along the Breakfast Trail at The Optimist Cafe

The Optimist Cafe has got free WiFi and breakfast all in a cute and cozy cottage along Route 6a and an outdoor patio for dining in the fresh air. Their menu is good with lots of breakfast choices and they offer some home baked goods. The "House Specialty which included a Belgian waffle or 2 pancake or 2 triangles of thick cut  cinnamon swirled French toast with 2 eggs any style and your choice of bacon,sausage or ham for $10.99. I chose the Belgian waffle, eggs over easy, bacon and ordered the breakfast potatoes for $2.50 more. Everything was cooked to perfection except for the Breakfast patotes, which were a little bit under cooked but well seasoned. My friend ordered the "Optimist Breakfast" with 2 eggs scrambled , breakfast potatoes and an english muffin for $7.00.The coffee was strong  and our waiter kept it coming which always makes a breaksfast good. Check out their menu and give them a try.

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Grinding Through the Week at Aegean's

You would think finding a good place that serves awesome grinders would be easy, but it isn't. I have been to many pizza stops that can make a great pizza but when it comes to something you would think would be simple like a grinder they lose it in the preparation. For me its all about a good fresh bread and then its the execution of finding the best ingredients to make that grinder a memoriable and pleasant experience. I think what works is someone who makes a grinder like they were serving family and friends and for me Aegean does it well. Their menu is good and they are always willing to prepare your grinder the way you like it. I love their sliced thin linguica sub with green peppers on an roll and their Italian with the works is a symphony of fresh flavors. Aegean is located in Hyannis across from the airport in the complex that has TJ Maxx. Stop by and see what they have to offer and you won't be sorry.


Along the Breakfast Trail at The Daily Paper

Rainy days and mondays always make me think of heading out for breakfast and letting someone else do the cooking. The Daily Paper is located at two great locations in Hyannis and they are ready to cheer you up and help start your day on a positve note. The staff is all very cheerful and helpful which makes this stop an extra pleasant one and the menu choices are great with a good variety of options. I chose the "Daily Paper Special" with French Toast, Siver dollars Pancakes, two eggs, two slices of Bacon and two sausage links. The french toast was light with a hint of cinnamon and the silver dollar pancakes were fluffy and cooked to perfection. My friend decided on the "Double Trouble" with two eggs which she had scrambled, two slices of bacon, two links of sausage, and two pancakes. When my waitress told me that they made their own honey wheat bread, I ordered a side of toast and it was delicious, thick with a nice savory flavor of honey and it was well worth the price.(1.25). I have been been to a lot of restaurants for breakfast and you would think that it gets old and they are all the same but each one has something special and for me I will return to The Daily Paper because they leave me wanting to try more of what's on the menu and that toast I just got to have it again. And if you are an early risers there are specials under $5 with coffee or a small juice that will surely make you a regular. Thanks Daily Paper!!

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Sharks in the Park in Chatham

It seems that every August and usually throughout summer you can hear the visitors talk about Shark sightings and even the movie Jaws returns to the Chatham Orpheum Theater on Main Street. This year they return again in May to Kate Gould Park in Chatham as part of the "Sharks in the Park" 45 sharks are swimming through the park and created by local artists and represent local businesses in Chatham. They will be in the park until The first band concert and then they will be moved onto the lawn of the Eldridge Public Library and there will also be 36 seals for visitors to "hunt"and find in the various shops on Main Street . The Sharks will go on to be auctioned off at a Shark Gala on August 1 and visitors can stop by the Visitors Information Booth for a passbook booklet so they can get their seals stamped as they find them at the local merchants. Each person who hands in a completed book, will be given a Beach ball and registered in a drawing. At the end of September six gift bags will be given out to the winners who have found the seals. The Shark Gala will host the auction of the "Sharks in the Park" and the proceeds go to the Chatham Shark and Marine Life Research Center. All in all it makes for a fun summer. Have fun on your hunt through Chatham.

Along the Breakfast Trail at The Dockside

Harbour views and good food are a great way to start the day and there's an awesome place to catch the ever changing views of Hyannis Harbor and dine on some delicious food in Hyannis at The Dockside on School Street. Their menu offers lots of different choices and old breakfast favorites, as well as a few daily specials all reasonably priced and equally delicious. My friend decided on the Western Omelet with green peppers, onions and ham served with homefries and choice of toast. I chose the Three Cheese Omelet served with two strips of bacon, one sausage, homefries and choice of toast. The choice of bread is white, wheat, english muffin or bagel ,which I think is a great option most restaurants don't offer. The coffee was good and our waiter was awesome and made sure our cups were filled. The home fries were perfectly seasoned with onion and garlic ever so lightly. Between the views, great food and good service I would definitely return again.

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Along the Breakfast Trail at Centerville Pie Co

Pies and breakfast could become the healthy start of the day, especially if you stop by the Centerville Pie Company in Centerville on Route 28. It's just a little pie shop in a strip mall or so you think but all that changes once you step inside this quaint clean cafe. It isn't very big but it is very customer friendly and cozy as you can watch the chef prepare your breakfast or drool as you watch the pastries coming out of the back kitchen. Any way you look at it, this isn't your usually breakfast stop and you'll be thinking about more than just breakfast. The menu offers a good selection of breakfast choices but we all decided on Charlie's Choice which included two eggs,homefries, toast, two strips of bacon and a sausage patty for under $8.Our waitress was the best and kept our coffee mugs filled with hot steaming well brewed coffee and breakfast although it seems simple was a masterpiece and perfectly cooked. The homefries were seasoned lightly and toasted to perfection. The whole experience was one of my top breakfast experiences and we all cleaned our plates with great ease, and the frequent passing of the girls bringing pies and pastries from the back kitchen made us contemplate a slice of pie. We even tried to justify it because we didn't have pancakes or french toast. You got to have something sweet after a good savory breakfast; don't you? We did and as we ordered a slice of Chocolate Cream Pie and a slice of Key Lime Pie, and my other friend Naomi ordered a slice of Apple Pie. Dorothy joked about her choice and called it a plain one, that is until we tasted how delicious it was well seasoned with cinnamom and nutmeg. They even have Four Seas Ice Cream to top it, if you choose. So all in all get out to Centerville Pie and you will find more than breakfast delicious. The Bakery has lots to choose and they even have frozen pies to take home.Thanks Centerville....You do it Good

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Herring Run like Life

Life is a little like a Herring Run and I revisit Stoney Brook in Brewster to remind myself of this every year. The smell of nature free of smog and toxins awakens my senses and as I smell the scent of fresh fish swimming upstream, I am reminded how amazing this life is. The stream was especially bountiful with herring and the seagulls were not present looking for their next meal, so it made my venture a pleasant one. It's amazing to watch nature in action and living here on Cape Cod, I am blessed with lots to witness. May your upstream swim be an easy one and your travels be well spent.

Check out  video...https://youtu.be/bC5V_RqKaq8

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Along the Breakfast Trail at Sea Street Cafe

Breakfast the best way to start your day and it's always best when some prepares it for you and cleans up. That's the way I feel as I travel along the breakfast trail and it's been interesting to see chefs who are passionate about their cooking and presenting some very creative options. The Sea Street Cafe is located in Hyannis on the corner of Sea Street and South Street offers a great menu on which you can build your own breakfast by putting together your favorite selections. I was tempted by Lemon Bluberry Ricotta Pancakes served with warm Bluberry Syrup or the Bananas Foster French Toast with  banana slices sautéed in brandy, butter, cinnamon and brown sugar finished with fresh whipped cream.But instead  the eggs were calling me and I decided on two eggs over easy with Applewood bacon, potato melody and toasted french baguette. The eggs were done to perfection as was the bacon and the potato melody was lightly seasoned carrots with white and purple potatoes toasted lightly and very flavorful. The baguette was toasted nicely but a little chewy which lead me to believe it had hit the microwave at one time. The other bread choices were english muffin and 12 grain which I have to say will be a good choice next time. My friend decided on the three egg French Omelette with cheddar cheese which was also cooked to perfection light and fluffy. My other friend choose the Corned Beef Hash  with two poached eggs on top, potato melody and french Baguette. The eggs were also cooked to perfection and the Corn Beef very flavorful with shredded beef and chopped potatoes. The coffee was rich and flavorful and we were able to get ours refilled to joyfully complete our breakfast experience. Now this is a place where I will return for sure and their lunch menu also looked great and I am told that their Cape Cod Reuben and Meatloaf Panini are best, so my breakfast search might lead to a lunch visit for sure.

In my experience with friends and co workers I have learned that some people stick with their favorite breakfast place because they are sure of the service and quality of food, but I say venture out there are so many choices out with great food.If I didn't venture out I would have never had experienced that great Potato Melody....Thanks Sea Street Cafe!!

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On The Burrito Run at Bass River Burrito

I love Mexican Food but sometimes you just want something a little different and when you are on Cape Cod, you just gotta have seafood. Well on this Friday I decided to give Bass River Burrito a try and their Lobster Burrito. It was a large white flour tortilla layered with flavorful well cooked rice, bite size pieces of fresh lobster claw and knuckles, tender black beans, cheddar cheese, wrapped with baby spinach ,sweetened with carmelized onions and a dash of cilantro-lime sour cream, which was light on the cilantro but a good hint of lime to add zest. I have never tried anything like this or even tried to made it, but for sure I will be experimenting on this. The flavors all enhanced each other and the combination was beyond good. All in all it was a delicious and inventive way to serve Lobster and I will be returning to try their Seafood Burritos served on a white or wheat wrap, with a choice of scallops, shrimp or scrod, rice, cheddar, black beans, finely shredded cabbage, cilantro-lime sour cream and Pico de Gallo. They also have a Bacon Cheeseburger Burrito with chopped steakburger, shredded lettuce, cheddar, Pico de Gallo, carmelized onions and Applewood smoked bacon. I think I will be making many return visits. Check out their menu and see all they have to offer. Bass River Burrito is on Route 28 in West Dennis.

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