Sandwich High Won't Allow Spring Dance [Sandwich Watchdog]

The bell might ring, but there will be no Spring Fling!

They'll Be Dancin' And Singin' and Movin' To The Beat . . . Wait - Not!

At a school struggling to hold onto its current student population, Sandwich High School is doing very little to promote school spirit. Nicknamed by many as "The Fun Killer", Principal Ellin Booras seems to dish out disappointment faster than Sandwich parents rush to remove their children from her school - and lately that's pretty fast! 

Each year, DECA - which is a student business club at the high school, sponsers the Spring Fling. The dance gives students a chance to kick up their heels and bond and also serves as a club fundraiser. DECA members use the money raised at the dance to finance the cost of participating in competitions with other business students from around the state.

But Principal Booras is pulling the plug on that business plan: There will be no Spring flingin' this year!

Where's Kevin Bacon when we really need him!

SHS Spirits Are So Low - Booras, Booras Get Up And Go!

Principal "Fun Killer" Booras dishes out disappointment faster than Sandwich parents can remove their children.With the low morale at the school, one would expect Principal Booras to jump at the chance to lift spirits and show that SHS isn't as bad as most suspect it to be.

But maybe it just is. 

How can a dance that unites kids, gets them off the streets, and raises money for the future business men and women of America be a bad thing? Holy humbug Booras, are you trying to run off every kid in your midst or just those who dare to smile every now and again? 

Maybe this is why parents are mortgaging their homes to send their kids anywhere but SHS!

Doctor Fun-Killer Party Of One . . .

Booras just doesn't have the time to chaperone a dance these days. Afterall, she is working diligently to become a doctor you know.

Seriously, who has time to trip the light fantastic when you're using taxpayer's money to acquire a doctorate at Boston College every Friday?  Ahhh, the kids must love Fridays at SHS - we've heard some even dare to laugh with reckless abandon when The Fun Killer is off on her scholarly endeavors. Hope that isn't caught on camera . . .

Some suggest Booras is using the kids to punish contract-less teachers for daring to only perform those duties for which their last contract requires them to do - and this would not include chaperoning dances.

Hmm, she may be a fun killer, but that Booras is a clever one.

Looks like those PhD classes are paying off - for her anyways.  But they're certainly doing very little to improve her hug factor - Booras is as prickly as ever. Guess the kids will have to settle for fun-filled Fridays until Doctor Booras moves on to bigger and better things - School Superintendent of another town maybe??

Hold On, Let's Get Down, Booras Might Just Leave This Town!

Come on folks, none of us actually thinks the already $113,683.00 paid Booras is learning just for the sake of learning do we?

Nah, aside from the joy she will get out of forcing everyone to call her Doctor Booras - she probably has her sights set on becoming superintendent elsewhere. So for those of you so disgusted with the current state of affairs in Sandwich that you are considering moving- don't do it yet.

Don't you just love Sandwich?

We do actually - we just don't like the majority of those in control of it right now. Sandwich is a great town - it just needs greater leadership than it has now. Sure, The Sandwich Watchdog comes down pretty hard on our usual suspects - Superintendent Canfield, SHS Principal Booras, the Sandwich Police Dept. But they deserve it and we're not going to apologize for illustrating their lack of common sense and moral judgement.

We promise; however, to report on anything positive the before-mentioned cast of characters do . . . . luckily we have other things to fill our pages with until that happens.

Like, say, with Sandwich's teachers.

It Ain't No Day At The Beach For The Teachers Who Teach

These people do a job they couldn't pay most of us to do - they spend 8 hours a day with other people's children. On a good day, that ain't easy. And if you're a teacher at Sandwich High School, well let's be honest, you're doing this under the controlling eye of the resident fun killer - enough said.

Teachers are undervalued and unappreciated across the board.

Just because they get summers off and have the luxury of school holidays, doesn't diminish what they do: They educate our children. They mentor them. They encourage them. 

The Sandwich Watchdog feels compelled to acknowledge that - we hope our readers will too.

Hopefully, a contract agreement can be reached soon and the Sandwich School District doesn't lose the best thing it has going for it right now - its teachers. 

But this is Sandwich, where Spring Flings are banished with the blink of a fun-killing eye - so it's unlikely our teachers will be footloose, fancy-free, and under contract any time soon.

Bet the teachers wish they could blink and make some stuff disappear .  .  .

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