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January 2013

twisted yoga pose

A simple twist stretches the shoulders and neck, energizes the spine, stimulates your digestion and relieves fatigue, and backache. Therapeutic for asthma too.

Sit on the floor with your legs crossed or straight out in front of you, or if you prefer sit in a chair.

Betting on the Daily Double of Agrarian Success in Falmouth

The tree-lined canopy on Davisville Road is one of the most picturesque scenes in our community.  This Rockwellian snapshot of a charming country road produces a lasting image of the bucolic and pastoral setting that is Falmouth.  A quick glimpse at that scene, though, belies the rich agricultural past that is draped over this historic and beautiful neighborhood. 

Barnstable Today: Thursday, January 31, 2013

On this edition of Barnstable Today: Cape Cod Commission Director of Technical Services Glenn Cannon leads us through the planned changes to the Airport Rotary.


What’s This about “ARGO?”

”Argo” comes to the screen as another feel-good-about-America film that demonstrates how much smarter we good-ole-white-boys are in comparison to the so-called crazy idiots who populate the rest of the world. (Canadians excepted, of course)

Our male-dominated culture loves nothing more than a story of a fearless can-do loner who defies authority, slipping behind enemy lines to bring off the clandestine operation.

Secrets to a Long Life

By Jack Sheedy

Centuries turn, casting humanity headlong toward an uncertain future upon a planet tilted some 23 ½ degrees off its axis, basking one astronomical unit from the warming rays of mighty Sol.

Time parades by upon the crust of Terra, crusades are fought, children are born, and elderly folk die. How does God count the march of mankind’s toiling? In years? Decades? Generations? Or does His calendar operate on a larger scale? Centuries? Millennia? Geologic ages? Epochs? Periods? Eons?

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Storm To Go Offshore Today

Coastal Flooding, Wind Damage And Power Outages In Her Wake....

Cape Cod was hit with a powerful storm last night, and the remnants should stick around for a while today. We are also looking at a snow event for Sunday. The radar shot is from 8 AM or so. Here's one that updates all day.

How frustrating for Scott. No, really.

Even I have to admit it must have been tough for him.

First Elizabeth Warren becomes the state's first female senator. Not a bad position to be in historically. Poor Scott has the distinction of being the person who, as a Republican, won the senate seat held for so long by Ted Kennedy, only to lose it when his opposition had a pulse.

Because of the changing of the Secretary of State, she then also becomes the senior senator.

Sleepless In Sandwich

Sleep HealthCenters closed 19 offices abruptly without notice to patients. All but 2 of the 19 offices were located in New England. Patients learned of the closing by going to the office for a scheduled appointment and finding a notice on the locked door, calling the office and getting an outgoing message both with the same message also posted on Sleep HealthCenter’s website:

“We regret to inform you that Sleep HealthCenters is closed for business. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have ceased all clinical and lab operations”

Big Storm Heading Our Way

Storm Warning And More!

I hope you enjoyed the warm weather, because we're paying for it tonight as a big, megalopolis-sized storm, uhm, storms into the Cape Cod region.


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Political Stand Off Over

The Governor made his temporary appointment of William Cowan to the US Senate seat that current Senator John Kerry is vacating, thereby ending the stand off with former Senator Scott Brown. 

To be fair, the Governor had to make the appointment as soon as the Senate approved John Kerry as Secretary of State, otherwise Massachusetts would be without representation in Washington. Scott Brown knew that, so he waited to see what the Governor would do before jumping in.

Barnstable Today: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On this episode of Barnstable Today: We explore Governor Patrick's proposed budget and learn about a key sentencing for a former secondhand jewelry dealer. Plus, Senator Dan Wolf opens up about his potential gubernatorial run in 2014.

Senator Who??

Willie Mo Cowan Is Your New Senator

Well, at least it wasn't Barney or Brownie. Governor Deval Patrick appointed his long-time aide and legal counsel William Cowan as our interim Senator.

The job opened up when former Senator John Kerry accepted the Secretary of State job. Patrick made the appointment after Kerry resigned his Senate seat.

One last time


What's wrong with a Green Card?

Democrats want to create a pathway to citizenship for immigrants who are in this country illegally. Republicans don't want to reward illegal behavior. Democrats see a windfall of new voters. Republicans see an avalanche of public siphons. They prefer cheap labor instead.

There is a way to get to common ground, but it will elude both parties because they would each have to give up the thing they want most to get here; voters. Democrats want new voters. Republicans want to keep the old ones.

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The Frustration of Families with Alcoholics and Drug Addicts

 By Alberta Sequeira


        (Excerpt taken from What is and isn’t Working for the Alcoholic and Addict: In Their Own Words, due to be published by Ms. Sequeira in the late spring or early summer of 2013. This Narrative Non-Fiction is written by thirty-four alcoholics and drug addicts from all walks of life).

Learn About Mercury Contamination in Coastal Environments: Should We Worry? (Feb. 2, 2013)

Presentation by:  Michael H. Bothner, Ph.D., Geochemical Oceanographer Emeritus, USGS Woods Hole Coastal & Marine Science Center

Saturday, February 2nd, 2:00 pm at the Harwich Community Center (#100 Oak St.)

Mercury in fish is a growing concern for certain sectors of our population. Dr. Bothner will review the sources and concentrations of mercury in some of the marine fish commonly found in Cape Cod waters.

Suggested donation: $2.

The Fox In Winter

Some Afternoon Snow, You Say?

... Just Happen To Have Some Right Here

Don't buy any guns to defend the casa against roving bands of looters or anything, but there is a bit of snow coming. In fact, it's snowing very lightly in Sagamore as I write this.

Celts Beat The Heat, But At Great Cost

... Rondo Lost For Season

The Boston Celtics eked out a 100-98 double overtime victory over the defending NBA champs Miami Heat yesterday. The win kills both a Miami winning streak and a Boston losing streak.

Kevin Garnett had 24 points, and Paul Pierce put up a triple double. Lebron James had 34 points in defeat. The win puts Boston at 21-23 for the season.

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