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February 2013


As a follow up to my post, “Is Carbonation Good or Bad?” I want to tell you about the SodaStream home soda maker. Tired of lugging home, storing and recycling cases of heavy seltzer bottles, I thought I would give one a try.

Time for Falmouth to Come Out of the Cave

Plato’s The Cave, a brilliant and enduring masterpiece of philosophy, is an allegory that tells the story of people, identified as “prisoners” by Socrates the narrator, chained inside a cave facing a wall.  The shadows cast on the wall by objects behind the prisoners and a fire acting as illumination are their version of reality – it is what they see, what they know, therefore what they believe, and by extension, that with which they are comfortable. 

Spring Time at the Cape Cod Canal

I'll Die Before I Change.............and You May!

How many of us fear making changes? Quite a few. Imagine what an alcoholic or addict goes through? I'm not one, but I remember my poor daughter, Lori, with her shakes, weight loss from being bulemic, no appetite and all the suffering one goes through with this horrible disease. Try to make changes for the better when you are shaking in your skin!

Trees Cleared from Rail Trail- More Work Due at Nickerson

Conditions fair on trail- Nickerson partially closed.

By Jonathan Mayo

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A little doggeral

'Twas the day before Sequester
and all through the HOUSE.
not a Repub was stirring,
Not one Tea Bag louse.

Not one true revenue source
would they dare to be named
so when their failure set in
the Prez could be blamed

Taxes on the wealthiest
would not rise even 1% more
so the burden was on
the middle class and the poor.

Tiger Of The Air

On some still night when the air is as sharp as a carving knife and a pristine silence hugs the snow while a bright moon illuminates the darkness you might be fortunate enough to hear him.

He's bloodthirsty and ruthless by reputation.  He's also courageous and wise enough to have been made the guardian of the palace of the ancient Greek goddess Athena. As a symbol of her supernal wisdom.

Great horned owl, a 24 inch tall and 60 inch wing span dynamo.  Predatory and voracious, his appearance and bravado have earned him a reputation.

Bournedale Road Closed Today, Storm Info

Tree Removal Ongoing

For starters, we were honestly about to write a "When Will They Clear The Trees Off Bournedale Road??" article. Things were getting a bit sketchy there, even before the storms we've had in the last month. Sandy even managed to fell a few trees, and she was quite some time ago.

You Just Can't Have A 9 Year Old Rap About Cocaine And Fondling Hookers These Days

Lil' Poopy, a 9 year old Brockton rapper, is getting the wrong kind of attention...

Massachusetts doesn't grab the headlines of the rap world very often. Our best hip-hop exports are Gangstarr and Marky Mark. However, a new claimant to the throne has arisen, and his name is Lil' Poopy.

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It isn't education anymore

There actually used to be a time when education actually meant teaching the kids new things, and getting them to become critical thinkers.

Now its just about teaching them a few things and then getting them ready for tests.

There are the pretests, the practice tests, the tests to get them ready for the form of the real tests, and then the actual tests.

Mute Swans Can't Talk, so they Flock!

Fowl Play on Bass River

By Jonathan Mayo

I can't say I had ever seen more than two or three swans together at one time, but this group of mute swans on Bass River is 12-strong, and seem intent on staying on Bass River for the winter.

They have been enjoying the relative tranquility of several inlets in the area of Indian Lands.

Mitch loves a filibuster


What's the price of gas at the pump?

Second Amendment Under Fire

The self-proclaimed “American Military’s Most-Trusted News Source”, The Duffle Blog, has scooped the MSM with its chilling revelation that the military has been drawing up plans for nation-wide gun confiscation.

Oscar Ready

Get the table ready with Oscar flair. As you sit by your big screen television tonight try some tasty bites with the Oscar nominees in mind.


Shadowy fleet coyote, its piercing yellow eyes brimming with indifference and bravado, its countenance reflecting all which is wild.

Standing right in the middle of the road.

I had just departed a friend's house and was scaling the long road from his house to Route 6A when my car came to a sudden halt.

So we meet.

It was inevitable. It had been a while since I had crossed paths with the villain but it was overdue and bound to happen sooner or later, whether in a field, on a road or, hopefully not, in my yard.

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The Dengue & the Volcano

Gripped with Dengue Fever, Cape Verde gets help from the Gumshoe Historians



Saving lives, driving up volcanos and drinking wine. For this, Hit and Run History came to Fogo.

Ah, nostalgia


Lincoln was my father's hero. “We’re both from Illinois,” he would say. When I visited my Dad at his stone house in Redhill Park, he invariably drove me to the nearby town of Salem—Lincoln's home in his formative years.

On more than one occasion, we drove to Springfield and visited the Lincoln house. This was sacred ground to my father whose ancestors were Chicagoans.

Rain For Saturday; Some Snow Sunday

Watching Yet Another Storm For Mid-Week

As we get our third stormy weekend in a row, take some solace that the precipitation will fall as snow, not rain.

Rail Trail Extension-Exciting Plans for Phase 2

CCRT will reach Exit 6 under the plans.

By Jonathan Mayo

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You’re Kidding - Eliminate Aluminum Foil and Plastic Wrap?

I try to avoid single use products like plastic wrap and aluminum foil and rarely use them, but when I do, I cringe when I have to throw them away knowing they won’t biodegrade. If it’s not too dirty, aluminum foil is easy to wash and reuse, but eventually it has to be thrown away. If it isn’t too soiled, you can recycle it (wash it first). The same is true for plastic wrap, although many curbside-recycling programs won’t accept it.