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Falmouth Commodores - Warm Thoughts for Cold Nights

As I write this column, snow is falling gently outside my window. The gentle beauty of this silent sign of the ongoing drudgery of this winter ends when the flakes land on the four feet already packed on our corner of the Earth, each flake a further sign of Mother Nature’s omnipotence and indifference to our weary state of mind and being.

Building Bridges By Building Bridges

Sometimes, government works the way it was intended. Sometimes, government is responsive, responsible, and gets things done.

A Good Storm Response in Falmouth? I'm Thinking No

Unprecedented? Perhaps. Unexpected? Not at all. Unprepared? Yes, indeed. Unconscionable? Yeah, maybe even that.

'General' Jim Cummings Fighting on the Front Lines of Addiction

The war metaphor is commonly used to describe our public policy confrontation of the substance abuse epidemic that is unquestionably the most important and imperative public policy challenge of our time.

Resolutions for a New Falmouth Year

The gifts are unwrapped. The fridge is packed with colorful Tupperware containers containing untold quantities of unspecified leftovers. “Batteries not included” has become profanity in your home (or at least inspires it). Your family’s version of Cousin Eddie from “Christmas Vacation,” who came on Christmas Eve for the night, is still on your couch in his boxers with a beer in his hand.