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Illustrating what's wrong with the Right.

Well, how embarrassing was that?

Sat back, reading and watching as people ignored the facts, choosing instead to make things up and go off on that.

People had to reach pretty far to come up with the things they put forth, some even saying they knew the facts, but just knew, just somehow knew there was all kinds of other stuff.

Thankfully, the number of people protesting and making a lot of noise did not represent the majority of people on Cape Cod.

The suddenly concocted concern for "our Kids" first

Unfortunately the situation at the border is not bringing out the best in people.

Putting aside any political discussion or blame games, these are children escaping from horrendous conditions in their home countries, and people just want to send them back.

Some are now using the suddenly discovered compassion toward those they have ignored up until now.

Misusing the troops

President Obama, who is following a law signed in 2008 by George W Bush, in attempting to deal with the constraints of that law is looking for places to house the thousands of unaccompanied children who do not come from countries that share a border with the United States.


We need to clear the air, and established some boundaries.

When I present a topic, it is for the purpose of having people exchange their opinions on the topic.

I discuss things with my friends from all over the globe all the time, and I would enjoy what people whom I do not know have to say locally.

This is NOT right.

By now most of us have heard that the Israelis are first dropping “warning” bombs that tell people in civilian homes that they have just a few minutes to get out of the house because there is a lethal bomb on its way.

Problem is, they do not let anyone know how much time there is between the warning and the actual bomb.


Perhaps the question “Why the sudden increase in the border crossings by Central American children?” has an answer we do not want to accept.

First, very few, if any, events, especially big ones, have one single cause. To think so is rather naïve. It might be easy and convenient to accept that great events have one cause, but most things come about because of a number of events that lead up to them.

They are people, not numbers

Since the various senate committees that investigate and oversee things are made up of both parties, the normal procedure is for both parties to suggest people who should appear as witnesses when there is a hearing.