Cape Cod Rockhopper

I have more stories then a camel has fleas

Season Change and Dreaming Of & Clam Bisque

      So are you ready for some weather change? I am to about 72 degrees durning the day and about 60 in the evening, with a light breeze, open windows and a warm ocean water nearby. But I am neither rich nor do I have rich relatives in Florida, So for now I will dream of those late May early June days right here on the Cape. I have been a lover of winter most of my life, which I learned from my Mother. She would have been happy living outside of Buffalo or Syracuse with all the snow.

When do you start planning & Apple Cucumber Salad

      So when do you start planning your next summer vacation? The day your summer vacation ends, six months out, the first of the year? Well I think it depends who you are. If you were like my Mother at the end of the first summer we came to the Cape the answer would have been a resounding never if it's back to that place. But after some time to think, some time to reflect and a lot of prompting from folks both back here on the Cape and from others that we know that owned places up here, Mom finally made the decision to give it a try one more time.

My Cape Christmas Trees & a Port & Starboard Cocktail

      Tis the season for light shows and holiday decorations. So do you do the holiday decorations? Do you do one tree or do you do more, and is your tree a mish mash of collected ornaments or is yours a themed tree. Do you cover every branch with an ornament or and or lights or do you like your tree nicely decorated but not cluttered. And finally what do you put on the top of your tree, something small and has been around for years or do you do a more modern topper? Do you you do the same tree year after year or do you rotate themes?

Town Stroll Line ups & 7-Up Frosted Sugar Plum Salad

      Tis the season for Nor'easter weather, for wind, lots of it, for rain, for fronts and migraines and for joints that want to scream with barometric changes. But also tis the season to get out and enjoy some of the shops and towns as they start to light up with the holiday festivities. The town strolls are coming fast, starting it all off are Orleans and Sandwich with Cookie strolls this weekend 11-29 with Provincetown's lighting of the Lobster Pot Tree also happening on 11-29.

Another week of Cape Cod Living & Taco Salad

      Living life on the Cape definitely has it's ups or advantages, then again it can also have its down and disadvantages. Home repairs and upgrades and new appliances. As I previously noted, I am the second owner of a house built in '71, it's a nice ranch with a wicked 10' ceiling walk out basement. But there is much about it that is still 1971, the kitchen, the bathroom, the two layers of shingles, the gutters, and some of the furniture which came with the place. Well I found out something else this past weekend.

Summer Warmth & Texas Hash Browns

       As the colder weather starts to move in on us the more my mind drifts back to those warm summer days of by gone years. Where flip flops and bathing suits are the common attire for a beautiful sun filled afternoon. The only thing that one really needed to worry about with the weather was if I was going to use the 30 SPF or the 45 SPF, and did I want to go down in the heat of the day or break it up.

Hold on or Move on & Gale at Sea Cocktail

       Well the time has changed and sunset will continue to go backwards until sometime along the first week of December where it will bottom out at 4:11pm. Oh to bask and slumber in the summer rays of sunshine, where temperature lows are greater than our daily highs. The beaches waft with the fragrance of suntan lotion and the sounds of little kids playing at the waters edge. Today, you might see a few seasoned hardy salty souls on a good day with their labradors and retrievers frolicking about.

Changing Weather, A Holiday Fair & Seafood Party Dip

      It's the last week of October and we have now seen temps in the 70s, sun, and rain, and still to come a drop in temps, clouds and a fleeting chance of the white stuff by the first of November. On Tuesday we were back at Truro Vineyard in bright sunshine, picking Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes while getting a little more sun than one would think at this time of year. Now with changes in the air coming or the change in time back to eastern standard time this weekend I don't think extra sun will be a problem.

An Autumn Week on the Cape & Autumn Soup

      This past week was a wonderful week, on Tuesday after receiving the email we were privileged again to go and help with the Chardonnay harvest at Truro Winery. This year we seemed to have a larger group than last year and although the morning started out with a few clouds that was perfect not to get the day over heated, while clearing out to clear blue skies by the time we were wrapping up around noon.

The Outdoor Shower & Brandy Alexander Pie

      One of the things I have grown to love it my outdoor shower. This is unique to the New England area or to the coastal areas up and down the east coast. You move much to the interior of the country and they you say you shower outside and they look at you like you are from another planet. But when it comes down to it, they don't know what they are missing. There are a few different styles of showers that are common here on the Cape. First is the total open concept, no walls, no door, just a shower head, may be hot and cold, may just be cold.