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Blizzard Week 2015 & Scandinavian Almond Bars

      Well, I was wondering what to write about this week when all of a sudden this latest snow bomb is dropped on us. But I started thinking and remembered that I did a big storm blog a couple years ago. But with a blast this big I had to take a moment and recognize its blast on us. The only other storm that I have been in that come close to this one was the Blizzard of 78 when I lived back in Ohio. The difference here is the steady high wind speeds for the duration of the storm and of course the aftermath damage of the high tides and the erosion issues that go with it.

Getting Cabin Fever & Sauteed Garlic Shrimp

      Welcome to a winter seems never to end, all cold and no snow. Now don't get me wrong I am not unhappy with the fact that we have not had to deal with a lot of snow, and I like snow but it's the bitter cold that I can't stand and the number it does on my heating bills, thank you very much NStar and you nice little hike in rates. Anyway I would much prefer temps a little warmer and a lot of snow than no snow and colder temperatures.

Cape Winter & Peas and Water Chestnut Casserole

      This the season to the jolly right. No need to fa-la-la-la-la about it. Left hand turns, anytime of the day. You an actually get into a restaurant without a wait, or making a reservation. You can even pull into the parking lot at Christmas Tree Shop and find a parking place at both Hyannis and Orleans. And believe it or not you can actually get in and out of the rotary at airport without much trouble. Ok so some stores and restaurants and are closed, and a few more for January and part of February.

New Year and More Fun & 2-4-1 Shots

      Well another year has come and gone and now is time to be looking forward to new beginnings in the new year. This past year was a good year for the most part and the parts that where not, well we will just leave them to go out with the tide. Things to come this year start with being out of the house more, need to stop being a hermit and tied to that darn work computer so much. But like most, bills still need paid and I haven't found that money tree growing in my yard anywhere yet.

Year in Review and a Look Forward & Cheese Ball Appetizer

      Well another calendar year down and not that bad of a year. Had a some ups and had some downs, but isn't that life in general, and if we can come out with a few more ups than downs than it can be a pretty decent year. It started out with my son and one of us best buddies com in March and spend his last Spring break with his mother and I here. But talk about cold, It was as bitter as could be, especially when I took them up to P'town with wind gusts in the 30s and 40mph range.

Merry Christmas & Holiday Jello

      As last night was Christmas Eve services and today is Christmas I am not going to do much but give you a recipe. I am spending this time with family and all I will do is wish you a happy holidays. To my Jewish friends I hope that your Hanukkah was awesome, to those who celebrate Boxing Day in Canada, have a great day, to those who celebrate Kwanza many happy wishes to you. And to anyone else just a joyous Noel, and we will be back on next week for the last of the 2014. Have a great week.

      This weeks recipe: Holiday Jello

Season Change and Dreaming Of & Clam Bisque

      So are you ready for some weather change? I am to about 72 degrees durning the day and about 60 in the evening, with a light breeze, open windows and a warm ocean water nearby. But I am neither rich nor do I have rich relatives in Florida, So for now I will dream of those late May early June days right here on the Cape. I have been a lover of winter most of my life, which I learned from my Mother. She would have been happy living outside of Buffalo or Syracuse with all the snow.

When do you start planning & Apple Cucumber Salad

      So when do you start planning your next summer vacation? The day your summer vacation ends, six months out, the first of the year? Well I think it depends who you are. If you were like my Mother at the end of the first summer we came to the Cape the answer would have been a resounding never if it's back to that place. But after some time to think, some time to reflect and a lot of prompting from folks both back here on the Cape and from others that we know that owned places up here, Mom finally made the decision to give it a try one more time.

My Cape Christmas Trees & a Port & Starboard Cocktail

      Tis the season for light shows and holiday decorations. So do you do the holiday decorations? Do you do one tree or do you do more, and is your tree a mish mash of collected ornaments or is yours a themed tree. Do you cover every branch with an ornament or and or lights or do you like your tree nicely decorated but not cluttered. And finally what do you put on the top of your tree, something small and has been around for years or do you do a more modern topper? Do you you do the same tree year after year or do you rotate themes?

Town Stroll Line ups & 7-Up Frosted Sugar Plum Salad

      Tis the season for Nor'easter weather, for wind, lots of it, for rain, for fronts and migraines and for joints that want to scream with barometric changes. But also tis the season to get out and enjoy some of the shops and towns as they start to light up with the holiday festivities. The town strolls are coming fast, starting it all off are Orleans and Sandwich with Cookie strolls this weekend 11-29 with Provincetown's lighting of the Lobster Pot Tree also happening on 11-29.