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Barnstable Today: Tuesday October 14, 2014

Barnstable police arrest a Hyannis woman following a bank robbery, students evacuate Barnstable High school twice last week after two bomb threats were made, and updates are being made to the Paine Black House in West Barnstable.

Keeping Them Safe

The first duty of college administrators is not to educate or improve, it is to keep students safe

                                   By David A. Mittell, Jr.

Update on Cape Cod Living & Autumn Salad

      The days are getting shorter, it's a full blood moon this week and a lunar eclipse, the leaves in some parts of New England have already peaked their peeping season and we on the Cape are still looking for ours to begin. Most of the bogs have been harvested, but a few have been left to stand a while longer. The pond that have had their waters used to flood the bogs are now lined with cranberry remnants as the water returned to the ponds get the missed leftovers and are now yummy treats for small woodland critters and flow with any kind of feathers.

Barnstable Today: Wednesday October 8, 2014

Barnstable High School Students will soon have a new set of graduation requirements, the School Committee reviews the district’s MCAS scores, and a weekend celebration of Barnstable resident and author Kurt Vonnegut, these stories and more on this episode of Barnstable Today.

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A Hard Sell

Selling anything is really hard work for sales people. I went to the Lakeville Art's Festival, and I swear that date brings rain. It's a small event in town, but everyone likes a sunny day to spend time walking their dogs and looking at the crafts. The sun was nowhere to be seen bringing a day of clouds and dampness. You know, that cold raw feeling in the air. Selling books at crafts shows is a tough business. Selling books on alcohol abuse is even harder.

Barnstable Today: Monday October 6, 2014

The Town of Barnstable is taking steps to streamline regulatory processes, Barnstable teachers will be getting extra training this week, and Cape Cod Community College is looking for new wastewater technology.

Barnstable Today: Friday October 3, 2014

Town Council votes to accept two grants, approves a measure that will allow the council to write letters of support for non-profit organizations, and voted to allow boards, committees and commissions to have alternate members.

Barnstable Today: Thursday October 2, 2014

Find out what is on the agenda for tonight's Town Council meeting on this episode of Barntable Today.